Sony Launching 3D Games This June

This June, Sony will be rolling out its range of 3D wares, including its first 3D television the Sony HX803, reports the UK's T3. But what does that mean for gaming?

While 3D glasses will not come with the Sony HX803, the company is bundling four 3D stereoscopic PS3 games that come with the television. Those games are Wipeout HD, Motorostorm Pacific Rift, PAIN and Super Stardust HD.

A firmware update later this year will turn the PS3 into a 3D game playing machine. Previously, Sony stated that the PS3 will be 3D ready in 2009.

Sony 3D TVs launching in June with PS3 3D games [T3]


    That 3D bandwagon sure is becoming overladen. I hope it's wheels fall off soon.

      I second this. To say I'm disappointed in the 3DS is putting it mildly, Nintendo are stuck in gimmick mode now and don't know when to quit. But I suppose I'll try and remain positive...

    I'm betting Sony are heavily investing in the pharmacutical market. Migrain pills for all!

    Not sure why there is so much pessimism about 3d? It's not like you HAVE to play it.

    I for one am dying to play Stardust 3d!!!

      my thoughts exactly. except stardust ;-p
      im hoping we get some first party blockbusters in 3d. imagine playing killzone 3 in 3d! or even better, UNCHARTED. i know where i'll be on monday :D
      well, actually tuesday. i have a large cheque that will clear on tues. so the sammy launch has come at a very good time for me. anyone know how good they are? i havent tried one and will have to test it out before i go handin over 5 grand. they are only releasing the 3 series 7 3d's for now arent they?

    I'm really interested in seeing how the glasses-less 3D solutions compare.

    it'd be great if they support TriOviz 3D as well, for those of us withouht 3D LCD TVs. although I suppose that's the point, isn't it? get us to buy new Sony TVs.

    Wipeout seems quite good in 3D, if it requires another purchase on the PSN store itd certainly warrant another purchase.

    I've yet to see a decent movie in 3d, nor do i want to have to wear a pair of glasses whenever i play video games or watch a movie. 3d needs to die, as it is not that impressive tbh and I would rather all the work that is going into 3d be used to go towards other technologies instead.

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