Sony Wants To Be More Than Just Friends With Bungie

While Bungie's new date is Activision, not Sony, it likely means PS3 games coming from the Halo people. As if noticing a hottie had just changed her Facebook status to "single", Sony turned on the charm Thursday.

"The partnership between Bungie and Activision is a big win for gamers worldwide," read a statement from SCEA. "Combining Bungie's creativity with the incredible power of PlayStation 3 will add serious muscle to action gaming. We look forward to extending Bungie's ‘next big action game universe' with PS3 users."

It echoes an earlier tweet from SCEA's top spokesman, Patrick Seybold: "Congrats to Bungie. Marrying their creative minds and incredible talent to the power of PS3 will be like giving PS3 fans Halo on steroids."

Of course Sony wants whatever Bungie's cookin', whether that's Halo or not (it's not, Bungie told us earlier today.) And let's not limit the definition of "multiplatform" to "Xbox 360 and PS3", either. Activision was also coy about the subject of subscription-based games and the Wii.


    Sony are just a$$-kissing... If Bungie were still developing for MS only they wouldn't bother saying these nice things - and great way to work in the whole "power of the PS3".
    Why is is that software was the reason for PS2's success even though Xbox was superior spec-wise, and in this generation they are trying to sell people based on specs rather than software library?

      Short answer: people are stupid.

      Long answer: people are really, really stupid.

      It does seem like in congratulating Bungie they have done their best to slip in something about how awesome their console is. I'm sure they do honestly believe that, but I think it's a bit of a faux pas. Especially the "Halo on steroids" comment. Kind of sounds like they're implying Halo isn't as good as it could have been because it was on the 360.

      It's hardly unusual for a console owner to gloat when they get a game or developer that had previously been exclusive to the competition to come and join them.

      You don't think MS made a big deal about getting Final Fantasy or Metal Gear? And you don't think they'll have something to say if/when Insomniac formally announce they're going multiplatform?

    I just hope that if whatever Bungie develop next, if it is multiplatform, and has online multiplayer, two things which are almost guaranteed, that they are ballsy enough to implement crossplatform multiplayer. I'd love to be able to play a Bungie created action game against my friends who own PS3s.

      Never happen. I'm pretty sure microsoft and sony won't let this happen. Besides, don't you think it would have happened by now with other games, like COD6?

        Yeah I'm pretty sure cross-platform multiplayer is basically impossible without Microsoft and Sony working together on it. Which isn't about to happen.

    SO, has Bungie even confirmed that they will support a game for the PS3? As with their close ties to Microsoft and the easier construction of games on the 360, they may just keep making 360 exclusives, i know that Microsoft own the rights to Halo so they can kiss the idea of receiving that away, maybe Marathon.

      Activision don't publish exclusive titles anymore. So this pretty much confirms it. Plus Bungie haven't denied they will make games on PS3, and usually that can be taken as a yes.

      Personally I think its a good thing- I hope I get to see an Oni reboot on PS3.

    Sony are ass-kissing... lol. They are desperate.

    big big mistake Microsoft your bread and butter is gone while Sony still has theirs

      They still have the Halo IP exclusively - MS isn't really losing anything.

        They've lost a pretty good in house fps developer... and by closing ensemble they lost another good in house developer.

        I think they should maybe buy some developers to gaurantee exclusives.

        And hey if they want to gaurantee a metric tonne more console sales, including in Japan, may I suggest they start with Square-Enix and Final Fantasy?

          They "lost" Bungie a while ago actually.

          People keep thinking their going from MS to Activision. NOT THE CASE.

          Bungie became independent just after Halo 3's release (or was it just before?), I can't remember. But Bungie went independent again, not MS just letting them go. Like someone said in an earlier Bungie/Activision article, MS probably had no choice in letting them go indie cause they would have probably lost a lot of great talent if they kept them - like exactly what is happening with Infinity Ward.

          Anyway, Bungie have a great fanbase. You could probably say Halo fans are more Bungie fans. A lot like Marathon and their earlier games just as much as Halo. Which means, they would be excited for what comes next as much as what comes next in Halo. This means they may go to PS3 to play one of their games. But also by saying this, my point is to a comment above, Activision MAY let Bungie develop for the 360 only, cause they are gonna get the sales anyway - its Bungie.

          But Activision are greedy slums and they wouldn't do this.

          Eithey way. Bottom line. Their is gonna be no Halo on any other consoles except the Xbox, which is what i'm most happiest about. Even if it isn't developed by Bungie.

    bungie games = nothankyou

    Dont M$ still own a large chunk of Bungie?

    If so, M$ will be making money off Bungie's PS3 games in the future, that's sound business sense to me, maybe Sony could learn something?

      I may be wrong here, but from what I understand Bungie is a wholly independent company. Whomever is publishing their games will no doubt make a lot of money out of them, this used to be Microsoft, now it's Activision. However Microsoft still have the Halo IP, therefore they are the only ones that can make anything Halo related. So from now on nothing Bungie does will have anything to do with Halo or Microsoft. Microsoft won't be making any money from anything Bungie makes, but they can look to other developers to continue the Halo franchise, should they choose.

    "will be like giving PS3 fans Halo on steroids"

    Funny, isn't "Halo is a stupid piece of repetitive crap" a classic anti-xbox slur from the PS3 fanboys?

      yeh but ps3 fanboys will like halo when it's on steroids because steroids gives you shrivelled balls and that's the majority of ps3 fanboys' fantasy's.

    First thought from reading the title: Bow Chika Wow Wowwww.

    After reading the article: I think Sony have gone a bit overboard. I own a PS3, and the whole which is better argument is irrelevant. It does sound a little out of line and like Sony is sucking up.

    The only reason Bungie signed the deal with Activision was to bring games to other platforms, and knowing Bungie's games, that would pretty much mean the Ps3 rather than the Wii, so really, I'm not surprised at this at all. Bungie looks to please Activision, Microsoft, Sony and possibly Nintendo with this deal; let's just hope it works.

    mention of a wii shooter? HA HA HA!!!!! fail much?

    and if the halo franchise gets put onto the ps3, i will be forced to grab all the copies of my halo games and throw them out the window whilst i face palm.

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