Sony's Motion Controller Has A New, Boring Name

The "main" part of Sony's motion controller, the wand, is the PlayStation Move. The other part? We originally called it the "sub-controller", but it appears that name was a working title, it's final name being the... Navigation Controller.

Boring, yeah, but then, so was "sub-controller", so at least this is an improvement. And doesn't sound like a character from Thomas The Tank Engine.

The revelation comes from the device's filing with the FCC, which had to disclose its final title. Sadly it didn't also include shots of the Navigation Controller's insides, as Sony opted to lock those down for another six months.

PlayStation Move sub-controller hits FCC, will be named Navigation Controller [Engadget]


    Interesting. I guess 'Nunchuk' was already taken ;)

    "The Nav" it is.

    With their version of the motion controller, let's hope Sony will fulfill the promises Nintendo failed to act upon in regards to motion gaming.

    Sony, im ready for HD motion games :)

      I love how everyone chooses to ignore that Wii Motion Plus exists and actually works. Wouldn't this mean Nintendo has fulfilled its "promises"? And besides most of the time it's not Nintendo's fault, it's the fault of the developer (ie not putting the required effort into the controls). I'm still interested to see what Move can do though when I get my hands on it but I have a feeling I'm going to be sorely disappointed as from the looks of things seems very similar to something I've been playing with for 8 months now...

        the wii motion plus was years too late, and nintendo made a name for itself with all the copious amounts of shovelware as the wiimote wasnt sensitive enough to handle anything else.

          So if the Wii Motion Plus is years too late, what the hell does that make this knockoff?

            EXTREMELY LATE! But hey, it's HD, a step ahead of Nintnedo already!

              Not quite ahead of Nintendo actually... I dont remember the Wiimote requiring a camera to work lol.

    I guess it could be shortened to "Navicon". It's even slightly easier to say than nunchuck.

      Yeah, but Nunchuck makes me feel like a ninja turtle!


    I was hoping for something spiffier. Like perhaps the Subcon? Wand?

    Truly, though, these names are terrible. Seriously, the Playstation Move?!?!

    I much preferred all of the working titles to that.

    I was hoping for something like, everyone not have a lil bitch about something like that.

    It's not the main part of what Sony are doing. Thats what the MOVE is for... not the "Navigation Controller"

    Get over it and just enjoy, hopefully, what the device is meant to do. IF you're into that sorta thing...

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