South Korea Gets Face-Slapping StarCraft Commercial

If there were ever two things made for each other, that would be real-time strategy game and South Korea. They love each other so much it hurts.

The game is hugely popular in South Korea — and has been for some time. Korean Air is sponsoring the OnGameNet StarCraft League this spring, and this ad refers to that league. The ads range from the humorous (above) to a documentary-style look at professional gamers like NaDa (aka Lee Yun-Yeol) as they travel and play.

These ads also serve as a good primer for StarCraft II, which is expected to be released this year. Release date is TBA.

Korean StarCraft teasers surface [Eurogamer]


    Anyone know the name of that fine lady? Surely someone should know !!

      OMG, that has got to be one of the cutest girls i have ever seen.

        Im 100% sure the girl is NOT from SNSD/Girls Generation

    She is one of the girls from Girls Generation

    look up Girls generation GeeGee song.

    First one's for the guys, second ones for the mad, crazy fangirls.

    Its one of the singers from SNSD i think... but 4 of them look identical, think its Jessica or something.

    What's up with the D-Day date at the end?
    Possible release date??

    That video just makes the Predator/Protoss similarity even more apparent.

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