Space Invaders Rendered In Fine French Silver

Taito and silverware maker Christofle have buddied up to offer the Space Invaders fan a chance to express their love of the 1978 shoot 'em up in style. Meet the multi-use silver Space Invader "fashion accessory", coming soon.

According to Square Enix - which owns Tatio - the fine silver invader is "suitable for use by both men and women" and "may be worn as a necklace, used to provide a nice accent to a favourite handbag, and displayed in a variety of other ways."

Expect Christofle's fancy Space Invader thing to hit Christofle stores, fine department stores and select stores in Japan, France and the United States in "late April" and retail on or around €100 (about $US130).


    Fo' shizzle ma Atarizzle!

    I really like it :D

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