Splinter Cell: Conviction Freezing, Temporary Fix Available

Multiple day-one purchasers of Splinter Cell: Conviction are seeing the game freeze on its second level and at other moments. Publisher Ubisoft tells Kotaku the issue is being investigated. Please note: There is a temporary fix.

The freeze has been reported by Xbox 360 players who have been playing the game with an Xbox Live connection. They reach the game's second level and it freezes. (The example above is from Kotaku reader SanjiX).

Some of those players say that clearing their 360's hard drive cache and then re-booting their 360, with Xbox Live disconnected, allows them to bypass the freeze.

On the official Ubisoft forums, a member of the company's tech support team walked through the steps to apply that temporary fix:

Steps to clear the system cache below.

1. Load to the Xbox 360 dashboard

2. Choose "System Settings"

3. Choose "Memory"

4. Highlight your hard drive

5. Press "y" for device options

6. from here just choose to clear system cache

Ubisoft does not have a long-term fix ready for gamers yet, but a company spokesperson told Kotaku "We are aware and looking into it."

At this point, the freeze seems to be related to a day-one patch issued for Conviction. That patch, according to an earlier conversation between Ubisoft and Kotaku, corrects a system-freezing problem I and fellow games reporter Russ Frushtick of MTV Multiplayer encountered while playing the game's co-op campaign together. As noted in my review, a frenzied moment late in the co-op campaign triggered an unusual alert message that indicated that the consoles we were playing on were running out of available memory (4MB left, 3MB left, etc). Frushtick and I had been playing a review copy of the game on special "debug" Xbox 360s and could not be certain the issue would be relevant to store-bought copies of the game played on regular Xbox 360s. But Ubisoft indicated that the problem warranted the title update that is automatically applied to the game when a person puts Conviction into an Xbox Live-connected 360 today.

Kotaku will have more on this as we hear about it.


    Why is a console game alerting the user that it is "running out of memory"? Isnt this why we play on consoles, so we dont have to worry about this?

    Games should be optimised to work on consoles. This seems like sloppy programming or a port from a PC build...

    I'm sorry, I just don't get it. How does this happen? PC gaming, sure, there's exactly 3.5 quadrazillion combinations so you kind of expect the odd crash every 30 seconds or so. But they know exactly what machine its going to be running on, they should know what to expect! Can you imagine if pitfall came out with a level two crash? Surely they should at least be playing the games through on a standard console after its gone to the presses, just to make sure.
    Maybe I'm just cranky cause I've run out of coffee this morning, but I think they should ban game updates for 12 months so lazy devs don't use it as a crutch for not bothering to check their product properly.

    *to shops for coffee

    Man, Ubisoft is just making themselves look better and better with every game the release :/

    I am getting a freeze when I try to start the game :/ I am xbox live enabled. At work I tried it on a retail console and it worked (that was offline) :/

    Will try offline tonight and clearing the system cache also.

    The place it hangs was the intro cutscene, the 1st line would happen but the 2nd would hang.

    Never had this on a console before, pretty pathetic work by ubisoft really

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