Splinter Cell Stunt Almost Gets Someone Shot

Note to flacks: Cops aren't considering concepts like viral marketing or cosplay when an actor staggers into a pub district to point a plastic gun at the patrons. Promoters of Splinter Cell Conviction just learned this in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the stunt provoked an armed police response to Auckland's Viaduct Basin, a popular nightlife area, Friday night at 8 p.m. local time. Some two dozen patrons said the guy, who had bandages on his hands, pointed a pistol at them. They dived for cover and out came the po-po, ready to shoot.

Police quickly figured out the gun was a fake, but weren't at all amused by the situation. Monaco Corporation, a marketing partner of Ubisoft's in New Zealand, apologised for the provocation, although they said they hired out another marketing company to put the event together and had no idea that a gun was to be used.

"It was just marketing gone wrong," said a Monaco representative. No kidding.

Promotions Prank Ends in Armed Police Callout [The New Zealand Herald, thanks Solid_Moose]


    Looks like somebody at Monaco Corp. wasn't thinking.

    I'm all in favour of cool viral marketing but you've got to be a little sensible sometimes. My mum would never let me near a store with a toy gun when I was little.

    Joking about bombs at airports is actually a crime :/

    No ridiculous Labor state governments. No immigration issues. No Lara-effing-Bingle shitting up their cricket team. The existence of R18 rating for their games. The Chinese aren't crashing boats into their wilderness.

    And now this - NZ; what a place!

    marketing gone wrong? It sounds like they got a heck of a lot of attention to me.

    Ok I was there. It's not as bad as the article makes it out to be.
    There was a giant projecter advertising a video of the game on the side of a giant boat. Can't be missed. And the "couple of dozen people" was really 4 meat heads who got mad when they realized it was a fake gun because everyone told them it was fake.
    The manager of the bar came out and told us she was going to tell the cops that it was fake, but she never did. So after she came out and informed us that she would call the cops and let them know it was fake, she went back inside, and the rest of the video game geeks that were there for the promotion, stood around laughing at the situation.
    10 minutes later the police came. The fake plastic gun was already put away, and no one stood a chance of being shot.
    No one from Monaco was there, it was a seperate marketing company that was hired to do it. And after everything was done, we all laughed about how it was good publicity for the game.

      Does sound like it was blown out of proportion. A bad idea yes, but not as poorly handled as they make out.

    How is it that the kind of gibbering imbecile who makes up this poorly thought out and barely applicable advertising crap still have jobs?

    Do I have to be lobotomised to get work nowdays?

    "The stunt, to promote the release of Xbox title Splinter Cell Evolution, was condemned by police."

    Am i the only one who noticed this? SplinterCell EVOLUTION? lol

    Eagerly waiting for the promotion of Red Dead Redemption that involves dressing someone up as a cowboy, sticking them on a horse and having them run down a Armoured Banking Truck in the CBD. Hilarious!

    And possibly fatal.

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