Star Fox Dog Needs To Do A Barrel Roll

Dog does Star Fox. But where are the real life frogs dressed as Slippy? [As see on IHasAHotDog]


    haha thats awesome

    that is ridiculously cute lol

    That looks so much like star fox its funny.
    Bravo to the Photographer.

    Having a cuteness overload in 3... 2... 1...

    damn good photoshop job there!

    it certainly does look like a young starfox too...

      pretty sure its not photoshop but a dog in actual clothes, like the picture of the dog dressed up as yoda.

        Its definately a photoshop, look at the furr coming off the top edge of the pants, and the blur and smudge used on the paw.

        Nevertheless, cutest thing ive seen all week.

    That's the cutest Starfox picture ever!

    Though, admittedly, that's probably not a large pool.

    Haha, quite awesome.

    but can he fly?

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