Star Trek Online Console Port Cools Its Nacelles

Like the console version(s) of Cryptic's superhero MMO Champions Online, Star Trek Online is having a hard time making the leap from PCs to consoles, as if it were caught in some sort of temporal distortion field, Captain.

According to Videogamer, Cryptic's massively multiplayer online take on the Star Trek universe is "on the back burner." Crytpic's Craig Zinkievich says the developer has had the game up and running on "certain consoles," but that 100% of the developer's focus is on the PC version of Star Trek Online.

So few MMOs for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You'd think more publishers and developers would want to be in on this monthly subscription action, but maybe that's the exact thing that console owners balk at.

Star Trek Online on console scrapped [Videogamer]


    Xbox live gold members should be used to subscription fees by now, perhaps they don't like more on top of their monthy fees to be able to play others online.

    make it every 6 months with DLC except a bit more, and it might be able to work

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