Star Wars: Dark Forces Arguably An Actual PSone Classic

LucasArts' early foray into first-person shootin', Star Wars style, looks like the next potential PSone Classic re-release coming to the PlayStation Store. The ESRB has re-rated Star Wars: Dark Forces for both the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

That's as good an indication as any that the PSone Classic line-up may get something revered unsarcastically as an actual "classic". The most recent original PlayStation digital releases on PSN, like Perfect Weapon, ONE, Jigsaw Madness and TNN Motorsports Hardcore 4×4, have helped to stretch the definition of classic to its breaking point.

Maybe re-releases such as the original Dark Forces and Final Fantasy IX will help?

Of course, if you'd prefer to get the superior version of Star Wars: Dark Forces for the PC (probably a buck cheaper than its PSone Classics counterpart will be), you can always grab it off Steam. Pretty sure your PC can handle it.


    While I have already purchased Dark Forces on Steam, this Star Wars fanboy would happily purchase the PSone version for my PS3 and PSP.

    PSone FTW!!!

      I love steam :)

      I think i own all the star wars games now on steam :D

      PLayed the game when it 1st came out on the PC and loved it :) still fun to play these older style games still :) so much fun to be had in classics such as this :)

        Steam + Star Wars = Win. Dark Forces on PSone was functional except for the fact that I felt motion sickness occur more often than I did when playing the PC version.

    Dark Forces was released on the PS1?


      My thoughts exactly, wtf?

      I'll look into it anyway, might be fun.

      yeah how unbelieveable hey! the ps1 wow how awful was it? nowhere near as good as our awesome PC's fapfapfap smug alert.. pfft

        Well, the PS1 would have sure as hell been more powerful than the PC I first played Dark Forces on...

    Dark Forces - A classic?

    A resounding YES.

    One hundred times over, Yes!

    Remember the good old days?

    Before Kyle Katarn started looking like a farmer.

    Always thought DF1 was better than DF2 for some reason?

      Perhaps because it was?

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