StarCraft II Hit With Adults Only Rating In Korea

The game of StarCraft is kind of a big deal in Korea, the country in which Blizzard opted to announce the highly anticipated StarCraft II in May of 2007. Shame, then, that the PC game has been rated adults only.

That rating issued by Korea's Games Rating Board could mean that Blizzard sells only millions of copies of the sci-fi real-time strategy game, which looks to fall 12 years after its predecessor. According to a report from The Korea Times, the ratings board has been getting tougher on depictions of violence, foul language and drug use. (I guess Stim Packs count?)

StarCraft II Gets Adults-Only Stamp [The Korea Times]


    Their just jealous of the successful brand.
    And with all the MMO banning.. I guess they don't want people to turn to Starcraft for an alternative.

    That's if they weren't playing Starcraft in the first place... fat chance.. lol


    Blizzard must be a sad panda right now, although i guarantee there will be an m15+ version :D

      I'm willing to bet it will have no impact at all on sales :D

      Careful, you may jinx us to RC territory.

    You'd think if there was a chance it would affect sales in their biggest market - they'd modify the game somehow to get in at a more marketable classification.

    They're probably just trying to stop kids from buggering up school because of playing SC2 all night. They've been taking other measures along those lines recently too.

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