Stealth Killing, You Know - For The Kids

Today's kids need to know how to go about getting revenge for the murder of their daughter using the skills they acquired as a top-secret secret government operative. The Splinter Cell Activity Book for Kids can help.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is right around the corner. Are your children prepared? IGN put together this handy book of fun activities to help kids prepare to leave a swath of death and destruction in their wake in their bloody quest for vengeance. There are mazes, and Mad Libs, and even a special guest appearance from the original stealth action hero, Mr Snake.

I don't know what's in the water over at IGN, but I imagine it's delicious.

Splinter Cell Activity Book for Kids [IGN]


    i LOVE fill in the blank activities.

    Poor sam, though, having to hide all those copies of his Wii ported game... Although i wonder what would take up more under-bed space - copious amounts of porn or unsold games?

    I quite liked the jokes on page 4.

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