Steam Gets Its Big Overhaul Next Week

Developer Valve is wrapping up the beta for its big changes to the Steam UI this week, promising to roll out the still-in-beta version of its PC gaming service to everyone next Monday.

The beta version of Steam's new UI kicked off in February, bringing with it a slick new interface, future compatibility with the Mac and a news feed - that happens to include news from Kotaku - among many other things.

If you've opted in, you know what you're due for next week. If not, take a visual tour of the new client to see what you're getting yourself into.

Valve's update on the matter doesn't mention the Mac version of Steam, previously slated to launch in April alongside versions of Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike Source. You may notice that we're running out of April, but stay tuned.

Steam Client UI Update to Release on Monday [Steam News]


    I opted in to the beta when it first became available. The new interface is great, but it has an annoying niggle: the games list keeps resetting back to an icon view instead of the detailed list. I'm also not sure if the text menu options at the top will age gracefully, they look like something that will go out of style fairly quickly.

      Myself and many others have been requesting that Steam preserve your games list sort/view settings for years in the old Steam, I wouldn't expect it to come anytime soon in the new Steam either. :(

        I don't have this problem at all either,
        It seems to me that it keeps bringing up what ever I had open/organised before I logout. :)

      I don't have this problem at all. Submit a report to Valve?

        So you're able to get Steam to filter games by name by default at startup instead of by status? Never happened for me, it always reverts to sorting by status.

    Can anyone tell me if Kotaku AU will have their own news feed or only the US site??

    I can haz Steam Mac plz?

    Seriously, since turning my desktop into a Hackintosh, I can rarely be bothered rebooting into XP to play games (to the point where I've even considered playing my Wii again). Valve games on my Dock means I would actually bother to play 'PC' games once more.

    Can't wait for the MAC version!

    If you're one of the MANY who are dissatisfied at the aesthetics of the new theme, try this out:

    So far no one has received the Mac beta. Or is not talking about it. Which leads me to believe it's just an exercise by Valve to collect stats on interest from the Mac gamers.

    No beta for Mac = vaporware.

    ....maybe we should call it Steam Nukem 4ever - much like another piece of non existent software touted round the gaming sites for years. 3D Realms, eat your heart out!

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