Still No Official Shutdown Time For Xbox Live Support Of Original Xbox

Xbox fans may have believed it would be impossible to play Halo 2 online by this minute of April 15th. But the planned shut-off of Xbox Live online gaming support for games on the original Xbox still hasn't happened.

A Microsoft representative confirmed, however, that today is still the lights-out day for that part of Xbox Live, dashing any hopes that there had been a major change in plans.

A post on the official Xbox operations blog indicates that: "We aren't saying exactly when we'll be flipping the switch." But today, April 15, is still the last day.

Getting some final shots in Halo 2 online right now? Or any other original Xbox games? Let us know when it all blinks out.

On yesterday's sadly special episode of Kotaku Talk Radio, Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb said that the elimination of Xbox Live support for games on the original Xbox was a necessary cut needed to enable a new dawn of Xbox Live features on the platform. He declined to say what those features would be - among them is a speculated increase to the 100-friends limit on the service - and encouraged gamers to wait until E3 for more news.


    Is there anyone on Kotaku that still plays Xbox games online?

    Do you get much competition these days?

      not i, only started playing on live with the 360, was on Xlink Kai before that. I would think that the Kai community would simply get bigger if people still wanted this online play? Is that still around?

      I fired up some Halos2 and it's good fun, but honestly Halo3 is a much better game and doesn't have the glitches.

      I didn't until a few days ago when I booted up Halo 2 to try out its online multiplayer. Turns out its not too bad. Now I'm kind of wishing they weren't shutting it off just yet.

    they might as well sell it on 360 under the games on demand section lol

    I still play Halo 2 regularly, and in my eyes, Halo 3 doesn't even come CLOSE to matching the fast paced gameplay.

    The last two nights were amazing, clocked up a total 10 hours or so. I'll be moving onto Xlink and XBC whenever i feel like hitting up some Halo 2 =)

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