Street Fighter IV's Adjectives Will Stop At 'Super'

The Street Fighter franchise has a reputation for tacking on inscrutable modifiers like Alpha, Super, Tournament, EX, Zero, etc, in lieu of full sequels. The game's producer says Super Street Fighter IV is as far as it goes for this generation.

Yoshinori Ono told Official Xbox Magazine he has "no intention of carrying on 'Street Fighter 4' into 'Hyper Street Fighter 4' or 'Ultra Street Fighter 4', because I'm aware of the mistakes Capcom has made in the past."

"So whether it would be a different IP or another Street Fighter, we'd like to keep options open. But in terms of Street Fighter 4, this is definitive... Super Street Fighter 4 should be the distinctive end."

That does not rule out DLC for either title, of course. "But as a packaged product, I think this is the last," Ono said.

Street Fighter IV Games To End With Super [MTV Multiplayer]


    "this is definitive" ... "..should be..".

    Sorry dude but "should be" is FAR from definitive.

    aww, i was waiting for

    I am still waiting for a Street Fighter 4 portable on the psp. Although I haven't tried SF4 on the iphone platform, it seems that a psp version is definitely possible on the tech side.

    Yeah I was hoping I'd finally get my copy of...

    Mega Super Ultra Street Fighter IV: EX plus Alpha: Third Strike 2010 Edition Turbo Plus yadda yadda yadda...

      Nah, man, you got it wrong:

      Mega Super Ultra Happy Quad Street Fighter IV: EX double plus Alpha Beta Zeta Omega Strike 2011 Turbo Extreme Addition: Game of the Year Edition

    i still have no intention of buyin till street fighter 5 is out, i want a written garantee that this is a complete version, with no dlc later and NO super street fighter 4 turbo hyperfighting HD remix coming out right after i shell out 100 bucks

      This is the nature of Street Fighter.
      It receives updates.

      You should pick up Super Street Fighter IV, it's going to be cheaper and packed with online features man. It'd be stupid to pass it up.

    I'd compliment the articles gibberish skills if alpha, zero and EX weren't all the name of seperate game series rather than monikers that you're suggesting.

    Actually come to think of it Alpha/Zero, EX and 3 were all released in 3 parts, it was just 2 that had the crazys. Like SF2 CE, SF2 Turbo, Super SF2 Turbo, Hyper Street Fighter 2... ahh... I don't remember anymore. :s

    Im keen, the more the merrier. They ony cost me the price of a DL Verbatim anyhoo...

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