Suicidal Ninja Robots Invade Steam

After ages of testing and re-testing, Beatnik Games finally unleashes on Steam and other fine downloadable PC game services Plain Sight, a multiplayer robot fighting game where the goal is to kill yourself before the other players do.

Of course it isn't quite that simple. Players take control of a ninja robot, which is all the description I really need to drop $US9.99, but it gets better. The robots hop around colourful cartoonish levels, killing each other to gather energy. The more energy you gather, the more of a target you become. And the only way to score points from the energy you amass is to kill yourself, exploding into a fiery ball and hopefully taking several of your opponents with you.

The game is starkly pretty, and the action can get very intense, especially if you're good at it. I generally just get taken out before I do any damage, respawning to get taken out again.

You'll do better than me, I promise.

Plain Sight launches. Hurrah! [Beatnik Games Blog]


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