Super Mario Galaxy 2 Forecast Cloudy With A Chance Of Plumbers

The latest new power-up revealed for Super Mario Galaxy 2 shows how light on his feet everyone's favourite plumber can be as he takes on the powers of Cloud Mario.

Along with dressing our hero up in white overalls, puffing up his hat and giving him attractive neck ruffles, the Cloud power-up also lets our hero create cloud steps, which he can then walk on the reach out of the way places. It's also a nice counterpoint to the recently revealed Rock Mario, showing us the plumber's softer side.

New Mario Galaxy 2 Power-Up revealed! [Official Nintendo Magazine UK - Thanks Fernando!]


    I don't often get excited for Wii games, but this game is gonna be good.

    Look, I like Mario and all, but some of these bloody hats. Going a bit overboard. This looks like a Black Adder joke.

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