Super Mario Galaxy 2 Screenshots: Levels, Yoshi & A Dense Mario

To go along with the new trailer released earlier today, Nintendo also let loose some new screenshots and character art for one of 2010's most eagerly-anticipated Wii games.

So, yes, there's Rock Mario, along with Yoshi and some of the game's many planet levels. All of it looking exactly the same as Super Mario Galaxy 1, which is just fine by us, thanks.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be out on the Wii next month in the US, and in June for Europeans.


    Super Mario is girl's favorite as well. I won't miss this one. :p

      Ditto. Cannot wait for this one.

    The CG is not as good as I imagine but still it is Super Mario.....It good enough for it I guess

    I don't own Super Mario Galaxy, heck i don't even own a Wii.
    But i'm still disappointed they've resulted in doing a sequel to Galaxy.

    It seems so against their usual strategy. Console names, franchise names etc..

    Galaxy may be a great game and great Super Mario game... but they could have used their imagination a bit more and done a new Super Mario instead of resulting to a sequel. Either way it would be a success, i mean, its Super Mario.

    Could this mean Nintendo have run outta ideas. 3DS, Super Mario Galaxy "2"
    I guess the Wii 2 will decide.

    Why dose the pic with mario and the golden yoshi look like mario is having his way with yoshi.

    Congratulations on making the same game for the bijillionanth time ninty.
    Im sure this will be boring as hell to anyone that played your games and was intrigued by them for the first twenty years.
    I too think its beyond lame that they are now making sequels to what is a sequel..
    But then nothing ever makes sense in these games so who cares?
    Miyamoto wheres the Mario game weve all wanted all this time, a big ol Mushroom Kingdom for us to run round exploring, the one you hint at in every Paper Mario.
    WHY NOT LET US LOOSE ON THAT? Create a giant interactive version of your image, and stop putting out fifteen minute filler using gameplay weve seen before.

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