Suspected Game Code Thief Surrenders To Authorites

Justin May, wanted after skipping bail on charges that he tried to swipe early code of a video game at the Penny Arcade Expo, plans to appear in Boston courts in May, the Suffolk County District Attorney tells Kotaku.

An arrest warrant for May, 20, of Delaware, failed to show for his arraignment on March 30. But Suffolk County District Attorney press secretary Jake Wark told Kotaku today that authorities spoke with May yesterday and he will appear for arraignment in the Boston Municipal Court on May 19.

May faces charges of larceny over $US250 and buying, selling or receiving stolen trade secrets. May could face up to five years or a $US25,000 fine on the first charge and up to five years or a $US500 fine and imprisonment of up to two years on the second charge.

May was arrested Sunday after allegedly trying to copy files from a computer at the display booth for upcoming first-person shooter Breach. He was later apprehended, with 14MB of the roughly 2GB game found on his Dell laptop. Witnesses tell Kotaku that May admitted to trying to steal the files and then tried to bribe a police officer with $US100.


    14mb lol, guy is an idiot trying to copy 2gb of data without getting noticed.

      there going to pass him around the shower like a bar of soap in jail

    I wonder how he bypassed their security. Surely he should have needed a password or something. You'd think some basic network security would have been put in place for this.

    The other thing is, I get the impression he is not all there if you know what I mean.

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