Syndicate Remake Looking More And More Likely

A series of trademark filings, submitted in 2009, reveal that Electronic Arts and developer Starbreeze are (or at least were) working on a new Syndicate game.

Syndicate, a real cult classic amongst PC gamers, was released in 1993 by Bullfrog, and tasked the player with control of a vicious futuristic company that used cyborg soldiers to set people on fire and blow stuff up. Electronic Arts later bought Bullfrog, and with it the rights to any future Syndicate games.

Although we've been hearing about this project for a while now, this is the first time anything concrete has surfaced proving it actually exists.

Course, it doesn't prove the game is still being worked on - the three filings, all found by superannuation, are from 2009 - but after the big XCOM reveal yesterday, we won't stop PC fans from hoping for a one-two punch in the face from the heavyweight champion of nostalgia.

A triple confirmation. [superannuation]


    Wanna take bets on how they're ruin this? FPS? Gears of war clone, god of war clone?

    As long as it's a squad based shooter with weapons and upgrades to buy, I'll be happy.
    Oh, and the Persuadetron. That has to be a part of the game.
    Setting is important too, and corporations involved in the plot.
    But in the current videogame climate, it would be seriously popular if done well.

    one of my favourite games ever, except when you were in buildings and you couldn't see who you were meant to kill inside.

    and oh god no hopefully they stick to the original =[

    If Molyneux is involved, this could be as great as the original. I liked Syndicate Wars but the new game (if it comes out) really needs to have the same feel as the original, no more of that grimy, horribly dark deal. Plus, the orignal BGM. With the new X-Com (despite its changes), all we'd need is a new Escape Velocity and the new Omikron and we'd be set for some real nostalgic bliss.

    Razor wire, plasma lancers and graviton guns :D

    If it's a FPS I'll murder something. :P

    True classic. Anyone know if you can still get the original today? Also probably more importantly - any chance you can get it to work on a modern rig?

      yeah you can get syndicate wars on PSN for about $10 i think.

      Should be able to get both games working on PC through a dos emulator.

      Im guessing they make it into a Dawn of War 2 type of game. Really hope they keep it like the original and it isnt aimed at casuals

    mmo mmo mmo mmo mmo

    I bought as pc version from ebay for cheap as.

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