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This is where Kotaku readers go to talk about the stuff we’re not already posting about. Think of it as the official unofficial Kotaku community forum.

You can talk about games. Or movies. Or politics. Music. Food. Science. Sport. Insert your own miscellaneous off-topic discussion here. Just keep it clean.

I’ll be promoting this post each morning until Sunday to let the conversation continue all week. Makes more sense than starting a new comments thread every day.

Talk amongst yourselves below…


    Have you posted the winners from your FFXIII postcard competition?

      No, should be later today.

        How about for the BlazBlue competition?

        and the blazblue winners?

    Welcome back.

    David! Welcome back - i hope all is well dude. As cool as Jung is, Kotaku doesn't seem to function without you here to kick things along lol

      Yeah, welcome back Sir Goose! :D I hope your doing well. I've felt very off since you've been away, my schedule was all kindleybupkalooey!
      Oh, no need to read back through posts you've missed.... *whistles* It may, or may not have been suggested that yourself, Loopy and I are entangled in a 3 way love triangle. Its totally not true.

      Your all mine ;) long as i can watch.... :P

    Welcome back Dave.

    Any word on whether Jung will be hanging around? Was good to have him posting stories and comments in your absence.

    Dave is back! Huzzah! Not that I didn't appreciate Junglist filling in of course, but it's nice to have Dave return - he's like a pair of old slippers really :)

    Did anyone else get into the Lego Universe closed beta? I downloaded the client and then noticed that there are only a few hours during the week that the game is actually open. And it's targeted to Europe/US timezones :-(

      Yeh i got in too mate, but i deleted it from my system yesterday as the open times simply don't work in our time zone. It's utter BS - i was really looking forward to that. needless to say i'm pretty peeved, but oh well, i've got plenty of other stuff to spend my time on.

        I suppose that's why it's a "closed" beta haha. I'm going to keep an eye on it for if/when they increase the open hours.

      I really wanted to give this Beta a try. So, I signed up and everything, got an email which was supposed to have a link in it to click. But the email link was broken! I tried everything, but it wouldn't let me. Don't know if it was a firefox/thunderbird error. But oh well, seems like it was gonna be cruel to aussies after all that.

      I was like, oh well, I'll go play with my real lego. Then I remembered that I gave it all away to my nephews 4 years ago. So I'm 32 and still looking for a lego fix. Thats not immature really is it?

        i'm 24 and still buy lego... no one is ever too old for lego!

        Qumulys, I bought a City Lego truck for my 30th birthday (a few months ago) :D

          Geeze, ok, I thought I was odd for still craving it! Great to see I won't look like a total dill trolling in the lego aisle.
          I used to have around 30kg's of lego. It was a few huge tubs filled with technical and standard type stuff, I guess I stopped collecting around 1989. Since then there is a few new types of stuff.
          Has anyone got some input on all this computer controlled type lego? Is it worth getting into, or stick with the old technical stuff? Also, to reinstate my collection would be a massive finacial outlay, would anyone know where to buy bulk lego cheap?


          City lego? Pfft - i want the lego pirate ship! lol

            When I was growing up my family was all about Space, City and Pirates! But this truck was a spur-of-the-moment purchase in the supermarket and the range was very poor.

            I had the pirate ship when I was growing up.
            I saved for sooooo long to get it.

            It was every bit as awesome as you imagine it.

      Yeah, I got in and it's pretty sick.

      The only time I can actually play is late Sunday night, but that works out fine for me as I don't work on Mondays :D woot!

        Not the way to make friends my boy...


    Welcome back Dave. Can you tell we missed you? :D

    Now I'm kinda missing Jung a bit! I wonder if there will be a chance for him to contribute more to kotaku? Not sure who owns/runs the whole allure network dealeo, but if they're listening, please double Dave's pay and hire Jung too.

      I'm sure David would love double pay, we all would... Perhaps the AU team could move into more podcasts and such.

      Where David and Junglist could sit down and debate something. Next week it could be with Seamus and then it rotates through all the personel.

      Or perhaps David and Junglist could make their own video game show and sell it to the ABC! ;) Or not...

        I quite liked the top-10-games-of-all-time list which was debated by a bunch of games industry big names (posted yesterday I believe, maybe it was the day before).

        It'd be interesting to see the (extended) Kotaku crew do something similar.

    Is anyone here getting Just Cause 2? I'm getting a new DS Lite soon, since mine broke, and I'm hoping to trade in for SoulSilver and JC2.

    So I received a lovely package of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing in the mail a couple of weeks ago (thank you very much, David and Kotaku!), and while the netcode performs pretty solidly against overseas opponents, I'm keen to see if any of you wonderful fellows are up for some Aussie multiplayer?

    If anybody is interested, my gamertag is 'AshuraMGS3SUB'. Hope to see some of you guys online sometime soon. ^^

    Was there any mention of this event being held in Sydney today?

      Another Zombie protest? jesus... Way to make people take video games seriously!

    I liek mudkipz

      ladies and gentlemen, this is why you do not combine medication, pokemon and lolcatz.

    Im finding myself hating every new album that comes out, even if its by artists i used to like (MGMT and Gorillaz most recently), the music is dying for me.. I knew it would happen but getting the train every day I probably listen to the same 3 albums from 5+ years ago all week. Any one else agree all new music is shit and when did it die for you?

    Anyone read todays advertiser?

    Editorial saying that Austrlia needs an R18 rating. And a half page article asking why someone won't think of the children and ban r18's all together?
    It read more like a press statement from one of the Atkinson sponsored lobby groups than investigative journalism.

    Can't wait to hear about all the awesome new games announced today. Already spotted one-

    Here is some more bullshit opposition to the R18+ rating

    Some people make some good comments and others are just funny.

    Did you know we've just had the 20th Anniversary for NeoGeo a month back. Did this make any stories if so can you send me a link. If it didn't can you guys do a retrospective story on it. Long live SNK NeoGeo, the AES is perhaps the greatest home console of all time. Thanks.

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