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    Apparently the SA government, not Atkinson, signed a decleration to the SA Christian Lobby that they would not introduce an R18+ rating on video games if they won.

      I has a sad face. No offence to any religeous peoples out there, but why cant they keep their values outta my life? Why dont the (insert religeon)'s just produce a monthly handbook with (insert religeon)'s approved games/movies/books?? Yes, little billy can play Peggle. No, little billy you are not allowed Hobbit Death Squish Rotary Mincer Gizzard Splatter 2010.

      Man, I hate politics and all that stupid mumbo jumbo, I'm fashinioning a boat out of Davids train ticket collections and leaving this lousy one horse town, to a new land of no oppression and stupid laws. Yep, Tasmania here I come ;)

        what's the release date for 'Hobbit Death Squish Rotary Mincer Gizzard Splatter 2010' anyway? the previews look hell-kick-arse!

        but Q-bert, i think your move should be to Canberra, as they get all the stuff we don't anyway. I'll buy my R18+ games whilst watching copious amounts of porn and letting off fireworks! Now THATS democracy!

          Fireworks are banned in Canberra now. :(

        I don't get why people feel it's necessary either.

        Look at that Tony Abbott thing last night. Almost every question he got was about religion... including that bloody stupid one about what jesus would do with refugees.

        He wasn't making a big deal of it, and yet others were.

        What happened to seperation of church and state?

      Yes, but look at the comments section. it seems that even non gamers are quite against this move, especially as it's a christian group that has stepped in. All things considered, i think this will probably work for us more than against us.

      Reading the comments i get the feeling that more average people are now better educated on the matter than before.

      There is a reason the church dosen't run the world anymore. If you want to get technical the bible is the most violent book you could ever read.

    Hey guys, Vel here. I'm warning you in advance that this post is mostly going to be rant about me and my job. Yes this is vaguely related to Kotaku because I work in a game company. No, I can't disclose what company it is as this is a personal issue of mine (I'd rather not involve the company in question either, please).

    Now I've been working here for about a year. At first I was learning everything at breakneck speed (I just got out of uni). Everything was hunky dory etc. I moved on from one project to the next and again it was an awesome learning curve for me. In fact it was better than anything they teach at uni. Once my second project finished, work then stopped pouring in. As you know just about every game company in Aus has been having financial rollercoaster. The company I worked for wasn't spared much either and salary has taken a big hit, people were leaving or being let go. Now we're entering a sort of stagnant period for the company. Not many new projects seem to be heading this way (China is cheaper) and, well, I'm BORED outta my mind. I've been thinking long and hard about leaving, doing other stuff, working part time again, etc but at the same time I'm also terrified of trying to find another job... I guess my position here can be classified as 'secure' but I dunno if I prefer security + boredom over uncertainty + new challenge. What should I do? I'm not an Aussie, I don't have PR, I've worked part time (in a cafe) once for a year+ before this job (and my manager's AWOL so bye reference) and I'm just very green when it comes to trying a new venture. I'd like to get some free time to work on portfolio but again I'm gonna need to sustain my life with paid work...

    Any suggestion/flames/etc are greatly appreciated.

      Hey Vel, can't help mate but feel for you. I work as a Bus Analyst for a large Insurance firm and while I work on heaps of software projects, hardly your cup of tea.

      I wanted to jump on here and talk about how ^&(%^)*)$&#_$*@_#*_#*(@# awesome Just Cause 2 is but now you have me thinking about job security and career oportunities...

      PS, JC2 is &(*^^(*^&)*(_* Awesome!!!!

      You're obviously not happy... start looking for another job so you can at least see what else is out there and what you're worth.

      If you've got a history in software, then perhaps look for a role where you can develop those skills while still leaving the door open to get back into the industry when it picks up again. Similarly if you're working in a slightly different field.

      Just don't do the stupid thing and quit before you've got another job lined up... I've got too many mates who have done that, and it never ends happily :p

      In regards to a reference, surely there's someone else at work who knows you (and the work you've done) enough to comment positively; perhaps a manager from one of your previous projects there?

        To be honest, I want to develop indie games rather than working for big corporations for a while. I've got an indie game lined up and the workload of that will probably take up just as much time as a full-time job. I really dread working part time again but fulltime job + full time indie = me very burnt out.

        So many options so little time =/

          If you can afford to work part time and have the dedication to put into the indie game on the side, then I reckon why not. For potential future employers it'd show dedication, particularly if something of quality comes out of it at the end.

          If you've got a mortgage, debts, etc, that might be a little harder...

          Working for a big(ger) corporation doesn't have to mean that you'll be doing that till you're an old grey man. If you can score a job coding in the same/similar language(s) to what you're developing in, then the skills you acquire there will probably benefit you more than coding alone. After all, your code will (most likely) be peer reviewed, you'll learn new ways of doing things, and as a coder you'll definitely improve.

            Good thing is I have none of the debts mentioned above ;) I'll give this place 1 month (another pay period, heh) and if nothing improves I'll kick my brain and heart into gear and bite the bullet on the way to become an indie developer.

    MekTek have released Mech Pack 3.1 for Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries.

    Looking forward to some heavy metal Mech on Mech action this weekend.
    Apparently the updates include a localised Australian server.

    Hey, so I just heard an Ad for Australia's Got Talent. No, I don't watch it, and yes, Sandilands is a tool. It was just the ad. Now that's out of the way, listen to the background music of the ad:

    Remind you of anything? Perhaps of the Launch Trailer for a big sequel that came out about two months ago?

    Channel 7 stealing from Bioware? Freakin' me out.
    Thankfully it's not something Bioware composed themselves, it's "Two Steps from Hell" by Heart of Courage.

    But for that minute where I didn't know it wasn't Bioware's, I was so confused. So very confused.

      you're joking right? pretty much all cheesy tv ads use 'epic' music and style... just like games do, since mass effects are just a glorified movies... they HAVE to rely on the same type of ads as movies and tv shows.

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