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    Did anyone see the best reader review of March? Don't remember seeing it

    Have you drawn the reader reviews from last month?

    Any word on what's happening with the Metro 2033 comp? I'm dying to know! ^^

    After much longing and coverting, I finally have myself a PS3, but unfortunately it didn't come bundled with anything. I don't have any money to spend on games just yet, but when I do, what is the FIRST game I should pick up? I'm well aware what the good games on the system are (, I'm looking for the one that's going to entertain me while I save up for other games, so try and limit yourself just to one. ;)

      Oops, I just found out the comp winners will be announced today. ^^; Well, that answers one question.

      Honestly mate it depends on what your after. For FPS bad company 2 seems to hold alot of playabilty online. Something like that might be a good way to go first. Thing like god of war would be awesome but after the not too lengthy singleplayer, and a quick replay, you might have money better spent on other things.

      If you have a solid net connection some of the demos on the PSN, especially the US one (you can make a free PSN account for other regions) might be a good way to go to get a feel for what you might wanna spend money on.

        Plenty of Platinum quality if you're doing it on the cheap, with LittleBigPlanet, Killzone2, Uncharted, etc.

        Else anything in the top 20 or so here and you can't go wrong:

      I recommend Yakuza 3. Played 40 hours and only completed 30%. Lots and lots of side missions and mini games to waste time on.

      There's a demo on PSN you can try to make sure its your cup of tea.

    UFC 112 Invincible
    Can't say I've been more bored with main event fights with Frankie Edgar's defeat of BJ Penn, and Anderson Silva running away for 2 rounds straight. At least Matt Hughes chopped Gracie's leg down pretty convincingly, and deserved the TKO before the buzzer.

    Following on; I wonder if Anderson Silva is going to have an 'Act Crazy' stance/style in Undisputed 2010?? Cos given the amount of taunts that were going on, there was more of that than actual fighting... :P

      Could not agree more on all you said. It was a dismal waste of time. The taunting Silva displayed at first was humorous, but by round three you could tell the audience had turned on him and gotten sick of it. The fight was pathetic

      The previous Huges Gracie fight was pretty lame as well. I could not believe Huges went over and helped Gracie stand up!

      I also thought the exact same thing about Silva's in game character, he should be Sonic though ;)

        So glad i chose to pay for St Pierre vs Hardy in PPV land this month

        I choose 1 UFC event a month and Invincible looked like it was crap. Dana was pissed big time.

        Not sure about the next two, any ideas guys, 113 or 114?

    Finished BioShock 2 on the weekend. Picked the 'Sacrifice' ending. It was alright, but I'm a little devo there was no major last boss fight, just 'Lamb's Last Stand', which was kinda lame and easy, even though I was playing on hard.

    Did anyone find the last few moments of the game a little dissapointing?

      I was. It was piss easy when I used a fully upgraded shotgun and decoys.

        Nice. I used Winter Freeze 3 and a fully upgraded Grenade Launcher. 1 freeze and 1 grenade killed most of them instantly.

    A bit of a long shot, but does anyone know if anyone is selling splinter cell yet?

      I heard a place called Jamies Gimp Cave in Gorokan has broken it. You get a free thumper as well :)

    So, after watching Rooster Teeth's Immersion video, who wants a 3rd person car?

      I think I'd much rather an autonomous car. I'm pretty sure James May did a feature in one of his shows (can't find the damn video) but I think it's the Red Bull sponsered one here on the DARPA website:

    Hey guys just wanting to get someone else's opinion:

    I ordered an NTSC copy of GTA 4: stories from liberty city, and I have a PAL copy of GTA 4. I know the PS3 is region free, but I have had issues with other games and mixing regions of DLC. I have US copy of Rockband and PAL DLC wouldnt work with it, even with a US account.

    Should I cancel the order and go for a PAL copy?

      From what I understand, the Episodes from Liberty City is a standalone game and doesn't require GTAIV


          Thanks mate, gonna cancel and go for psn option, I want the radio stations, etc as listed in that article.

            do you know if the aus version has been modified in any way, the version category is left blank at the the oflc site.

              No edits were made to the Australian version.

                cool thanks.

            PSN and Live downloads require the IV disc

            Retail discs are standalone

    I like Mondays, especially when I get new loot!

    Specifically: My import copy of Prinny 2: Toukou Yuugi! Akatsuki no Pantsu Daisakusenss!! (lit: Prinny 2: Dawn of the Great Pantsu Wars) arrived from Play-Asia for my PSP! Sure it's all in Japanese, but difficult platform games speak a universal language. Not to mention I loved the first one & have no issues playing foreign language stuff that isn't text-heavy.

    The 5 minutes I've got to play so far have been pretty good - They've given the graphics engine a bit of an overhaul with lots of new background effects (including a big gunship flying around shooting at you during the tutorial level), the combo system has been changed to be a bit more relevant (collecting stuff, stomping on stuff, killing stuff etc all increases it. When it hits full, the bar starts depleting but you get a damage boost + some special abilities until it runs out.) and they seem to have added a few new modes in addition to the main game.

    Now to find me a Translation...

      I loved the first game but couldn't beat the Chef boss. I think it was a chef.

      Is the 2nd 1 being translated? This is the first I've heard!!

        Which? Gourmet Ogre (the big fat thing with horns that spits fireballs and 'yells')? Or Sir Sweet in his final unstunnable form? If it's the former, it's just a case of figuring out his pattern - or more specifically do an invicibility slide through him, as he doesn't turn around and you can stun him fairly quickly.

        If it's Sir Sweet, then it's all about learning his pattern and being able to maximise your air attack time. It's entirely possible - my best effort was around 1 min left.

        There's probably a pretty good chance we'll see an English version of Prinny 2 eventually, I hope so as I loved the humour of the first one (along with the insane platforming goodness). I've nearly thrown my PSP several times now in frustration, but that's not a bad thing. Nintendo Hard is good!

          Wow, it's been so long now I can't remember. I was under the impression at the time it was the last boss.

          Some other game came out and I gave up, bad me...

            Ahh yeah, that'd be Sir Sweet. The second part of the fight when it's just you & him on top of the giant... thing.. is a button bashing nightmare. Took me ages to finally get it figured, but it's not so bad when you get his pattern downpat. Then you end up with RSI in your thumb from punishing the hell out of the X button :P

            So yeah, Prinny 2? I think I'm up to the mid-boss now - unless it's the final boss, which would mean the main game is shorter than the first. It's some weird demon guy with an ice shield bouncing around shooting cards at you, whilst there's a giant angel thing in the background talking on a cell phone and throws giant chunks of ice at you.

            Needless to say, still working on it :)

    Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption coming out on the same day!

    Why do you hate us Microsoft?.. Why?

    Oh well, already waited 5 years, another few weeks won't kill me.

    I'm psyched for Red Dead Redemption. The multiplayer trailer looks awesome, and I enjoyed the GTA IV engine a lot, and this seems to be an updated version of that.

      Let's hope John moves a little snappier than Niko, Johnny and Luis. It felt like driving a tugboat when trying to move any of those guys around.

        And hopefully he doesn't fall off moving objects like a paraplegic.

    Fuck you, RTA!!! Your slow and shit response time to the F3 Truck crash yesterday was bullshit...

    4hrs & 45mins it took me to get home last night, when it should only take 45mins...

      I'm not in Sydney... but the news said people were in their cars for up to 12 hours.

      How is that possible / acceptable?

        Depends on where they were coming from, our journey would be no more than 50km at the most, so 4hrs + just for that isn't all that great.

        Basically the delays are caused by 3 lane freeway which was closed at a certain point and being diverted to a 1 lane detour route. The freeway was also closed at certain points in getting on it also, but again all these people diverted to that same 1 lane detour route.

        So you potentially have 30kms of 3 lane traffic all being sent to 1 lane, along with all the other traffic not allowed on the freeway, fantastic stuff!

    Steam prices.

    We already knew we were getting charged more than the yanks for Bad Company 2, Borderlands, Modern Warfare 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and Metro 2033.
    Now EA have taken Mass Effect 2, and made both the normal and collector's edition $20 more expensive for Australians, after it's already been out several months.

    Why aren't people talking about this?

      EA seem to be doing this on a number of titles on steam Dragon Age has also seen a price hike.

        Ha, I called it. Can't be bothered to find where I said it on Kotaku, but I knew that would happen. I was looking at it thinking epic game, big fanbase, cheap price. I had hopefully been waiting for it to drop in price, weekend special or something, but now its a no purchase for me. Games are getting too expensive.

        Maybe I need a job....

    Anyone here played Metro 2033? I did and thought it was shocking. The atmosphere and "Dark Ones" were fantastic, but the stealth sections were extremely frustrating and difficult, and at times I gave up.

      I think I'll give this one a miss. Heard a few bad things, plus there's been little to no marketing at all...and I'm a sucker for marketing ;)

      I've only done one stealth section so far (the bit where you go to rescue Bourbon) and I thought it was actually done pretty well. People didn't magically see me from another room or sense me sneaking up on them, and you could turn off the lights to hide yourself better, along with taking multiple routes through.

      At the very least, it's far better done than most recent attempts at stealth.

    Theres a new Red Dead Redemption preview article over at Gizmodo ->

    Dave, why is it this wasn't offered to you? Still a good read though, can't wait to play it in May!

    Do Sony really have PSN 'this' wrong?

    Now let me elaborate ... Recently having noticed the PS3 coming into it’s hey day I joint the ‘dual console’ households of the world and scored myself a PS3 of eBay to compliment my X360 and haven’t looked back.

    During the Kotaku ‘Heavy Rain’ contest I was lucky enough to scope up the game and with eager anticipation popped the disc in my PS3 at around 11:00 PM - my gaming time as my wife had headed to bed.

    I still haven’t played it :-( as the game required a title update which isn’t all that unusual these days however 72 minutes later when the game finally loaded it was time to call it a night!

    I understand that PSN is a free service and all but to then use it to deliver a 212 Mb and 37 Mb update to a new title and have it take over an hour just feels like the PC hell that consoles where designed to resolve?

    Has anyone else experience such increasable load times for a new game or was it a combination of my slow internet, promo game disc and unfavourable tide positions that evening?

      I'm certainly no fan of Day 1 patches, though in most cases those that do come about are mainly of online connectivity issues from online games. I'm with you though, 99% of variables should be covered before the game goes on sale.

      In the case of Heavy Rain the patch did arrive a couple of weeks after the initial launch. To help fix a few framerate issues and game freezes, these are things that aren't game breaking though. So while the patches for you become Day 1, you can choose not to install them initially. It simple means you are playing the game straight out of the box, the way others did when it went on sale, and you wouldn't be connected to PSN.

      Given that it's an single player game, the PSN login issue isn't a big one, so you can still choose to play the game from the get-go and then when you have more availability to do the patches do that at a later date.

        As oggob said all of the patches are optional, but you won't be able to connect to the PSN without having the latest patch applied.

        When you choose to install a patch you a taken back to the XMB, the patch is downloaded and then the game is then launched.

        What should be implemented is the option to have patches downloaded in the background whilst the game is running.

        You choose to download the patch but can continue playing the game as normal (offline only, obviously) and the patch can then be installed the next time the game is loaded.

          In addition to that, if they simply had an area on the XMB that registered the game (similar to trophies), it would show all the games you have, their current version and if there is an update available. eg:

          [ ] Battlefield : Bad Company (v1.02)
          [ ] Heavy Rain (v1.00) - UPDATE
          [ ] Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 (v1.04) - UPDATE
          [ ] Little Big Planet (v1.10)
          [ ] Update Games

          So the boxes are checks...


          [ ] Battlefield : Bad Company (v1.02)
          [x] Heavy Rain (v1.00) - UPDATE
          [x] Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 (v1.04) - UPDATE
          [ ] Little Big Planet
          [x] Update Games

          It would then get start downloading those games without the need to insert the disc. In Background Download format also!

          Should be possible seeing as when you turn the PS3 on, it checks to see if there is a System Update available, it would run a check to see if any of your games have a patch available, it would then inform you that patches are available.

          Again, you can then choose when you want to update the games at your leisure...

          Hmmm ... If I recall correctly it started to boot the game and then stopped, showed me a screen of text detailing a title update was necessary with the word 'OK' highlighted. Under a screen long line where the icons 'X' for [Enter] and 'O' for [Cancel] where displayed

          I didn't even think it was an option not to install it though I must admit every X360 title update I've ever come across has downloaded and installed before you can get up and turn the kettle on.

          I'm not ruling out some of the fault on my network connection (having recently moved I can categorically say it is a shadow of my previous residents’ throughput, but it is still broadband and 250 odd Mb shouldn't be ‘that’ slow over PSN.

            That is also another thing that I have somewhat in common, patches for me seem to take alot longer than actually downloading from the Store...

            It might not be alot of difference, but for some reason the patches are slower...

    Anyone else have a growing sense of anticipation for Transformers: War for Cybertron?

    I usually don't get really hyped up for a game, but I have high hopes that this will turn out well.
    I mean, just the concept of a third person shooter where you can instantly change from a soldier to a vehicle has amazing potential. Add in some class based teamwork and it could develop into a very fun, competitive shooter.
    I think its sucess will depend on how well they nail the controls, in all transformations, and the balance between classes. If everyone just runs around as one dominating class it will grow stale quickly.
    Any thoughts?

      I really would like to see a good Transformers game, but I'm skeptical. Although it's been dubbed as this years Arkham Asylum, I'm going to wait a week or two, see if it's any good. I honestly do hope it is an awesome game, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I'm too busy being excited for Peace Walker, and then Gears 3!

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