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    I proposed to my girlfriend over the weekend, so now I'm engaged!

    I also bought Bad Company 2 on PC, so far it's an awesome game.


      ... on buying Bad Company 2.

      Holy crap explody! that's awesome!! congratulations man! Talk about making a good lifetime choice!

      ...also congratulations on the engagement too :P


      Seriously though mate, well done and best of luck to both of you! Just don't let my partner read this or i'll be getting the hints :P

      Big congrats man! Have you set a timeframe for the marriage yet?

      Make sure you put in a clause for adequate gaming time per week!

      Haha, maybe it's just me, but it kinda sounds like you regard both items of news of equal significance. Bad Company 2 is that good, eh?

      Also, congratulations!
      (Maybe I should have opened with that?)

      Congratulations Explody!

      So, there'll soon be a Mrs. Explody :D

      Big congrats mate!

      I've been there and done that (proposed, not bc2), my first proposal was rather romantic. Here's its true tale.

      Proposal 1
      To meet up with a online girl, I secretly spent all my savings on a plane ticket (told my folks the day before I left, to their horror), dropped out of university and left. I proposed with a 2 minute old purchased silver ring ($30) dressed as a goth (it was a phase...), in the deep south of Louisianna (not the place where white folks dressed as goths fit in very well), at 2AM, in the middle of a WalMart! As stupid as that sounds, tis all true I'm afraid. Anyways, we moved back to Australia and had 2 kids (who are awesome btw) but a few weeks after our second daughter was born, she could not cope and flew out of Australia for good. Haven't heard from her in about 8 years now.... Which is quite sad for my kids sake, but she probably did the right thing as she was really not coping well with being a mother.
      Anyways, I digress.

      Proposal 2
      A few years later, I met another girl, and after a year of dating, I popped the question at her 21st, in front of all her and my family. Man, I have never shat bricks more than then!! Unfortunately, it was not to be, and we broke up 6 months later. So I'm still a single dad, but I could not be happier, my kids are healthy and happy. There's no missus to tell me off for playing games and I have a roof over my head. I do wish my kids had a mother figure though, especially now at they're ages, 9 and 11... *rolls eyes*

      Anyways, congrats on the engagement, dont stuff it up!! :D

      Congrats mate! All the best wishes for both you & your bride-to-be.

      Also enjoy BC2 :D

    Where do all the old games and systems go? Are they all still sitting in people's basement or at the tip? There must be millions of old 8-bit and 16-bit games and systems around the world. Is there a video games heaven.

      Some people (myself included) still have and play the old consoles. I have a NES, SNES, N64 and an original Gameboy. Others packed them away years ago and have completely forgotten about them and some people just throw them away.

      I used to work at a recycling plant a few years ago and one of the guys I worked with found an NES complete with controllers, all the cables and even a game still in the cartridge slot all packed neatly into the original foam packaging.

      Also, before I forget, congrats to Mr Explody.

      Where would the calculators go?

        There's no such thing as silicon heaven?!

      As a proud owner of far too many old consoles, I know exactly where they go. In keeping with Mr. Explody's announcement, I also know where my wife would like to see them go (hint: Not in to my collection!).

      I digress - Collectors definitely, also people wanting to re-live their childhoods by picking up a NES/SNES/PC Engine/etc or even just people who forget about them in the attic/garage/basement etc.

      I keep and use my old consoles - and anyone who doesn't should give them to me.

      Most old systems have one of three things happen to them
      1. Indefinate storage - never to see the light of day again, lost in the basement time forgot.
      2. Ebay - people make as much or as little money as possible for something they don't need anymore.
      3. Tip - simply thrown out during hard rubbish collection - the thought o this option makes me physically ill.

        I'm just hoping the PC Engine Duo-R I just picked up actually works like advertised. Scored a bunch of Hu-Cards with it too (notably including Sidearms & 1943!).

        What's the rarest beast you have chuloopa ?

      They go it idiots like me that collect (read: horde) that junk. I have 3-4 SNES, 3 N64s and at least one of most other old consoles, including a VirtualBoy.

      I'm not as bad as my mate who collects VHS tapes. His house looks like a VideoEzy from the late 80's. He rents them out but his clientele is dwindling.

    Hi everyone, my name is Gobbo and I'm an addict...

    In my company of 300+, I had a talking to last week that I've been spending too much time/resources on the internet, making it into the top 4 users for the company :(

    Rather than cut down on my addiction, is it possible to disable/slow down the auto-refresh on kotaku pages? I think my 2+ windows of a dozen or so tabs each auto-refreshing occasionaly is part of my 'problem'... :P

      Put some text in the comments box and the page wont refresh.

        I dunno if that actually works? I've had paragraphs of text typed into a comment box only to come back and find that the page refreshed and it was all gone! So they're are a lot of lucky people out there I was going to burn hard with my argumentative skills but everything was erased on me!

    Do people that have played Splinter Cell Conviction hate it as much as some of the rants online would leave me to believe people do?
    Personally I love it and I have played all SC games. I remember countless times playing Rainbow 6 Vegas Terrorist Hunts and wishing that I could shoot out lights and do a silent kill like Splinter Cell - and here they have made that game mode :)
    I played Hunter mode and have had a blast and I enjoyed the single player campaign as well - some nice diversity in the chapters I think... So do people think it is really worth the bashing it has been receiving because I've seen lots of reviews comparing it to Batman Arkham Asylum and that was my GOTY for 2009 by far...

      I think it's just the title association. As a stand alone game, from what I gather, it's very enjoyable. The problem seems to come when you attach the name "Splinter Cell" onto it. This gameplay element from the original is gone, this other thing is different, etc etc. I don't think I've come across a review of it for actually being an abomination of game design/plain bad, just that it's different. I suppose it's just how open minded you are to change.
      Like the recent X-Com news, where people are outraged, and others are just saying if you liked old X-Com so bad, play old X-Com. Maybe you're some sort of purist who dislikes Chrono Cross because it isn't an (obvious) direct sequel to Chrono Trigger, or maybe you've managed to let it slide and like (or dislike) Cross for what it is.
      Or maybe they just like ranting/trolling. I know I do, occasionally.

        I understand that - but what I don't understand is people not reviewing something purely on it's merits - not it's bloodlines. Like you said the only negatives I have seen is that it's not like old splinter cell games? If that was truly a negative point for all sequels/franchises where would innovation come from? By that logic all new ideas could only be represented by new IP's which are few and far between with games these days...

          Well, it's true that innovation sometimes comes in the form of new IPs (Obligatory Portal mention! What a great game.) but it can also be a series of small steps over a period of time. Perhaps not great big leaps, but when you look back at a series that has evolved over time, adding minor new tweaks along the way, that could be considered innovation, right?

          Half Life didn't revolutionise FPS game mechanics, but it did introduce a degree of story telling we hadn't seen before.
          Neither did Halo, but with a decent control layout and a few tweaks such as recharging shields, it popularised the idea of console FPSes and proved they were possible.
          When GTA 3 came along, everyone was amazed by the whole open world business. Mind you, GTA 1 & 2 had done it before. The transition to 3D and 3rd person might have been a major leap, but it seemed like a logical extension of the idea; with improved technology they just did it bigger and better.

          Maybe that's the issue with Conviction. I haven't played it, so I'm just randomly grasping for an explanation, but there's a pretty big difference between fast-paced run and gun shooting mechanics, and stealthily stalking prey. As I understand it, there are also a few bits that force you into this action-heavy gameplay, or maybe it's the fact that it works just as well. It would, perhaps, be fine so long as you had the freedom to do either, and decide according to your playstyle, but you've potentially got yourself some sections where you're forced into action in a predominantly stealth series. Which is the big contradiction, and doesn't seem like a natural extension on Splinter Cell gameplay at all.

          It's like McDonalds suddenly swapping out their menus for a healthy range. What? No! I want my lard ice cream! It's unhealthy and delicious, and that's how I want it. I'm not saying McDonalds salads are bad, per se, it's just not something I've come to expect from them. I'm sure I could warm to the idea of it, but for now, maybe I just want a Chocolate Sundae.

          I agree completely when you say "I don’t understand is people not reviewing something purely on it’s merits – not it’s bloodlines" though. Some people can, some people can't. *shrugs*

    I’ve got a question for everyone:

    Can you play more than one game at a time or do you tend to focus on a specific title until you either complete it or tire of it?

    Personally I tend to be a single game at a time guy although with portable consoles I guess that isn’t strictly true. I am however attempting to play through Bad Company 2 on X360 and Heavy Rain on PS3 and was wondering how everyone else games?

      I'd prefer to stick to one, but I find that with reviewing games you have to do them as they arrive and put your personal games on hold.

      Currently got half-complete GTAIV, MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles on the run, but have been plowing through ROF and GOW3 among others in the meantime.

      I try to keep it to a maximum of two games at a time. I find if I play than that its harder to keep track of my progress and the overall story.

      That rule only applies for single player games though, its open season for all multiplayer games ;)

      For years my rule of thumb was always one at a time, but only recently did i begin to dabble in an extra game or two at once. Now it's blown out of proportion :'(

      I've got, lemme see... Muramasa, Snatcher, The Miles Edgeworth game, Pokemon Heart Gold, Valkyria Chronicles (though in the last leg at least), Mystery Case Files (which sucks and may never be finished), Batman Arkham Asylum, The Blackwell Legacy, Trauma Center: New Blood, aaand Infinite Space.

      My words of advice are, don't start more than one game at a time.

        Oh and FFXIII of course. But the thought of facing Vanille again is a little painful...

          I can't put my finger on it; it's like a Brit with english as her second language trying to speak in an Australian accent.

            Lol "Im a Dude disguised as a dude playing another dude.Your the dude that dont know what dude he is!!"

            Sorry that just reminded me so bad of this qoute

      One per console, I just leave the same game in till its done, then change, like a toaster. Mainly cause I'm lazy but also because I'm indecisive.

      i used to be one of those people that played heaps of titles all at once, but i have seen the error of my ways and try to stick to a few.

      At the moment my regimen includes a maximum of 1 game for the 360, 1 game for pc when the other half is watching tv and 1 game for psp or ds if i am out and about.

      Makes it much easier to remember story lines and actually finish games that way :)

      Depends on the game, there are some game when they come out I will stick with until the end. Have done that recently with Heavy Rain & God Of War III.

      Although, games with strong online components or sandbox nature (over the top stories) are generally rotated.

      At this time, I'm playing through Just Cause 2 as well as the GTA Episodes. There is also a very long list of games that I cracked for about 30mins and never went back too, or haven't played yet.

      Those that were cracked, it wasn't because they were bad, it's just I didn't have the time to sink into them then. So perhaps I will return to Fallout 3 one day (I only just made Megaton! :p) or perhaps play Dead Space and the many others that haven't been played!

    Should I buy the new GTA PS3 double pack, or FIFA World Cup?

    You decide.

      Couple pack, definitely. You'll get a couple of play throughs of FIFA, making Cahill score 30 goals for the tournament, then wish you'd held out for FIFA 11, or saved the cash and picked up a bargain copy of FIFA 10.

      If you enjoyed GTA then buy the double pack. solid story, same awesome graphics and each of them actually brings something new to the game (more fun). They are small enough so it is not like going through the entire game again but big enough where you get your moneys worth. I have played both through on XB but bought this for PS3 from the UK just to play online with a mate.

        Do the couple packs have the same style free-roam side missions and extra things to do that GTAIV had?

        I realise it won't have exactly everything that GTAIV did (eg pigeons and things like that), but could you easily just lost yourself for afew hours in a free-roam screw-around like you can in the full game?

          It does have the same side missions, I've only been playing Ballad Of Gay Tony at the moment, but that has the Random Peds, 50 Seagulls to find (pigeons), Club Management (mini-missions), Base Jumping and new mini games... Dancing (Lame), Champange drinking comp, Drinking Shots and Golf...

          These are the additions I've come across so far, so there is more to them than just the main story.

            Awesome Cheers - got it today, so will be getting a look at that soon enough :)

      Fifa Gets cheaper Quicker... it's a simple choice

      Plus as far as i'm concerned, once you've played one current gen Fifa, you've pretty mcuh played them all minus a couple of tweaks.

      You can't go past the quality of a GTA game

        It does, FIFA 10 is not $49 at most stores... and considering it's a World Cup game, it will get cheaper even faster after the cup is over...

    I don't know why, but I've been seeing the American comments all morning... has anyone else noticed this?

      I just noticed them as well. I thought the 300 or so comments on a single post was a bit more than usual for Kotaku AU.

        good to hear its switching back it also has that terrible layout no indent comments and reads from most recent to oldest which makes the comment thing even worse

      Not that I have anything against Americans (see above...) I really love the Aussie take on articles. I don't know any of these American commentators, and change makes me nervous! Cant we have it default at the Aussie only comments David, and have the American comments button bring up those comments for those who like to read them? I think it has worked like that on occasion in the past. I just love our Aussie gang too much I guess :)

        We're changing it back.

          Thats great to hear Dave! :D So, to clarify, will it default back to aussie only, but will the US comments work at all? I know some like to read them.

          Thanks Dave.

            But.... when I move to Canada, does that mean I won't be able to see this page or post here anymore? That would be balls, seriously.

              I think you should still be able to access this with the .au extension? Going to here redirects to this here .au version, but you can still access the US version (if you so wish) with So I'd imagine it's the same deal overseas with accessing the Australian version.

              I've linked Kotaku AU articles on forums and get the occasional "lol australia" comment, so I'd imagine they're being directed to the AU version.

                you'll be alright. if you're really afraid :D

    Ok guys can you help me out by answering a quick question?

    What job does everyone currently have and what course did you study after school? (in Uni etc.)

    I'm asking this because, as of now I'm in my final year of school (year 12 in Victoria) and I have absolutely no idea what I want to do after school. I want a decent paying job but with enough spare time to enjoy playing games.

    I'm thinking of doing law (the Phoenix Wright games got me interested in law) but I've never heard of lawyers who play video games, as it just doesn't seem like a career choice with enough spare time. I've managed to keep my options pretty open except for anything in medicial/science (didn't do a science).

    A job in the media (like David's) would be good as it involves working with games. So David if you could please answer this; what did you study after school and how did you eventually work your way up to the job you currently have?

    I don't know if answering this question is too personal but I just wanted to get an idea of what the average gamer's job is. Thanks in advance.

      I work for the government in a fairly low paying, difficult to describe, thankless job.

      That said, I don't have a degree...

      To be completely honest, I always wanted to fly fighters for the air force... but I found out fairly late into school (end of year 10) that my eyesight wasn't good enough. There wasn't really anything else I wanted to do, so I stopped putting effort into school. I'm 27 now, and I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

      Want advice?

      Study anything (don't do an arts degree if you can help it, I do some recruitment... trust me, we look) if you hate it you can bail and do something else. It's harder to study later when you're out of the habit. And credits in one course can count towards another.

      Become a teacher, good pay, good holidays, lots of girls are teachers too, they offer incentives to work regionally (including permanent contracts in some states), subsidised mortgages. 4 years of uni, and they're desperate for male teachers. If you can stand kids... it's a good deal.

        After completing Year 12 as a Country boy I moved up to Melbourne and studied Computer Science and Software Engineering. I’ve been working in the IT industry for near a decade now as a Software Developer and now Team Lead.

        My gaming time or free time in general comes in ebs and flows depending on what is going on in my life. I’d say don’t pick a job to accommodate a single hobby or lifestyle choice you currently hold dear as things will change, as you move through life the time you dedicate to your hobbies will too. If you have a passion for games, it will likely carry through your life and you’ll make time to do the things you enjoy so don’t let what you do in your free time interrupt what you want to do professionally.

        What I’m tying to say I guess is pick a career you think you’ll enjoy in the long term and the short and medium term use of your free time will works its way out depending on what you value as important.

      If you want a job in video games journalism, do this. Start an account over at or Wordpress (I recommend blogger because it has twice the traffic), write reviews, opinion pieces and feature articles. Start writing for some other websites, I know actually offer their promising writers actual writing gigs on their site. Do anything you can to build up your resume as a writer. If you want instant exposure write an article for sites like, or askmen Australia (all three sites love articles about video games). After you have a good body of work just submit your writing to a print or online video game publication.

      But, if you’re a full time uni student like me expect your game time to be very limited.

        lies, i'm doing engineering and commerce and i have wednesdays and thursdays off :D

          Oh man, what kinda of lax uni do you go to. For me Engineering first year was 5 days a week, including 2 days that were 9AM-6PM, and one sort-of half day. Plus the minimum 2 hours of travel going to and from uni back home each day.

          The secret is to get a DS or PSP and just play games when you're supposed to be paying attention to lectures*.

          *Note: Not actually recommended if you want good grades.

            Having done Engineering/Computer Science at Adelaide uni, I found the same thing - 40 contact hours a week for the first 3 years of 5, with assignments, practicals etc ontop of that.

            It's no wonder the Engineering pub crawl at the time was the biggest in the southern hemisphere (or so they claimed) :)

              hahah yeah, but that's first year. I'm in like 4th year atm so it's pretty cruisy.

              First and second was just... much less pleasant. :D

                That's true. You get less contact hours per year, but they actually expect you to know things in return (the horror!).
                Plus, in final year, you pretty much should be spending most of your free time doing your thesis, so you can imagine how awesome that is.

          I have mondays off myself, and i'm only at uni for about 5 hours a day, but i need to fill up my time with reading and doing assessments, so yea, game time is limited

      In terms of jobs, most white collar jobs that do 8-5 and don't have weekend overflows would definitely be enough for you. You get paid decent, and you don't take your work home.

      However, there're the exceptions with investment banking or extraordinary circumstances as an engineer when you'd have to come in at an odd hour to do some data-logging, but at the end of the day as long as you have a fixed contract as is the case with most jobs that require a degree and a suit, you only work 40-hour weeks, and you don't work into weekends, giving you your precious 2 days to smash some games.

      In terms of a media job, you could get into PR/HR or advertising for a games company as an 'easy' way to get involved in the gaming industry. In terms of having a job like Dave's it would probably be rather hard as you would have to break into the online market of reviews and video-gaming and in such a tight market you would have to definitely stand-out, and that would be rather difficult i assume with the plethora of gaming review sites and the sort out there on the world wide web.

      In any case, you could always just apply for an internship with Kotaku in their head office to get a feel of what they do, and whether or not you want to do it.

      Who knows, if you're good at what you do (or what you've been asked to get done) they might hire you at the end of it and then all these posts would come under Joel instead of David Wildgoose. (Here's to hoping)

      I never finished my secondary education - I dropped out after flunking year 11, then spent the rest of my time working to make up for the lack of text book qualifications.

      My first job was at an IT place doing everthing from electrical work to databasing to website design. I spent about 8 months there before getting bored and moving on.

      My second job was at a Charcoal chicken as a manager for about 5 years. I enjoy human interaction so it was a great job, although my spare time was sometimes slim with the hours being 8am - 9pm on some days, 7 days a week. All depending on how much staff we had of course. Being a fast food place staff always came and went.

      My current job is much better as i am now a sales and marketing manager at an extreme sports product wholesaler (DVD's, Clothing Brands, Accessories ect). I do everything from finding new clients, putting together orders to advertising and even clothing design. I work in a small business which is why i get to do plenty of neat stuff. Only downside is it's not overly well payed being a small business and all.

      Law is a good future choice, but the study load would be presumably massive before you actually become qualified. Once you are though, i'd think you'd have about as much time as anyone else, bar the few times you may have to take home some work, which most people have to do from time to time anyway.

      My best advice is to find a job that you would be comfortable with and that makes you happy. No use being miserable in a high paying job.

      Besides, if you enjoy what you do enough there is always tonnes of potential to make a heap of money and still keep your gaming habbits and the such.

        Thanks a lot for the replies. Funnily enough these responses have been more helpful and insightful than the interview I had with my school's careers counsellor today.

        I'm still not 100% sure on what to do, but I might stick with Commmerce or Law. Who knows what will happen...

        Might post back about this in a few years :P

      My recomendation for a job with plenty of spare time for gaming is become a teacher. On saying that though don't become one just for the holidays because there are plenty of those types of teachers and they really bring the profession down. If you have a passion teach it. Or become a jack of all trades like myself and have fun fingerpainting in primary classes.

      I'm a commercial co-ordinator for Channel 7's 7TWO channel. Not high-ranking, but my role is critical to the network and few people can do what we do with such tight restrictions (other channels do things differently, which is why we have a larger profit margin).

      Though we can have stressful days, the work itself isn't ultimately that tough (and work never follows us home, 8:30-5:30 hours). Tedious stuff, but not hard. Everyone I work with ranges from 21-31, so it's not a bad gig! Infact, we're recruiting for more people right now.

      No formal training, I dropped out of Uni doing my E-systems course and worked in IT for a while using my Certificates instead.

      I'm a lawyer. It's not so bad for limiting your free time to play games unless you become a super high-powered M&A specialist at a top tier firm (schools and universities are laughably bad at setting expectations for how 90% of lawyer jobs actually work), in which case the money hat you wear should compensate.

      Games are great for lawyers because you play whenever- what lawyering is bad at is any activity which requires a regular schedule, you never know when you're going to need to stay late or work weekends or whatever.

    Anyone else having issues redeeming the Microsoft 20% off thing?

    When I go to the MS page and click on the link for the redemption form... it resets the page.
    Been doing it for weeks.

    I simply cannot read all these massive posts.

    Also,who's got ODST and awaiting the Reach beta? I sure am.

      Ditto, looking forward to the media ban being lifted and reading some Multiplayer impressions (I'll assume tomorrow since US sites have claimed they’ll be posting them Wednesday)

      Hell yeah. The new modes, additions and tweaks have all piqued my interest, and it's about time my ODST disc got some proper usage.

        Hell yeah. Headhunter looks the best of the lot; I'm not too keen on Stockpile, it seems like just a customized CTF.

    AUD$49.95 for Saints Row via XBox Live Games On Demand?

    Surely Micro$oft jest?

    Saints Row 2 PC is only $US14.99 on Steam and the whole THQ pack is only US$99.99 (Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Frontlines: Fuel of War, Full Spectrum Warrior, Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten Hammers, Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights, Red Faction, Red Faction 2, Red Faction Guerilla, STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, Saints Row 2, Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, Dawn of War II and Dawn of War and its expansions).

    Meanwhile Just Cause 2 is lots of fun on PC!

    South Park let's go tower defense play has now got 2 Avatar Clothing Since last night, There is a Kenny Jumper (Looks Stupid) & Cartmans Hat. I hope they make more.

    My housemate is terrible at Splinter Cell Conviction. He tagged a shipping container hanging overhead and then executed it and crushed himself.

    He also stood right next to an explosive barrel and shot it 'to draw the enemy'...

    Love the game though!

      Hahaha, that's pretty bad. I'm not that great at Splinter Cell games either. I'm a "go in all guns blazing" kinda guy.

      Maybe you need to sit down with him and walk him through the first couple of missions.

      This did make me laugh. It might be the cold and flu drugs but I cant stop laughing at your mate's attempts at 'drawing the enemy'. Thank you.

    Theres is something that really gets under my skin at certain retailers. Harvey Norman have very old computers, printers and cataloguing that are still run under DOS, the same with Myers and David Jones. Im sure it would be expensive to update all the stores... but given how much of a GP they make off their stock surely they should be able to move into the 21st century? Any other places or does anyone agree?

      Weigh up the cost vs benefit; to re-outfit all of the POS computers at all of the stores (plus ones in the warehouse, additional barcoding hardware, etc), then you've got downtime while that happens, training staff to use a new system, etc.

      Is all that worth upgrading? Probably not, given that they're still using their old DOS boxes ;)

      Plus, if it ain't broke - why fix it! :)

      A few years ago, my grandma walked by our computer and was surprised by the fact that computer monitors come in colour nowadays.
      So I'd imagine a system overhaul might be too much for some of their more... elderly employees. "Colour and GUI? I... what? This... how.. huh? *head explodes*"

      But yeah, I'd imagine it's as Gobbo says. The system may be old and ugly, but it's still perfectly functional. And as a bonus, it keeps people off of Facebook during slow periods.

        A guy at the Dick Smith checkout assured me once that is was linux based, not DOS and that it was awesome *shrug*

        I work in an industry with older people (bless their souls) and they're all using microsoft office '03, and they're already struggling.

        In most workplaces, technological change is a really touchy topic since the older workforce (baby-boomers) just can't grab a handle unto new technology as quick as us gen Y/X's can. However, if you're working in like... an exciting new company like Google or Facebook, changing things would be hardly a challenge.

        Could you imagine the old ladies at all the cosmetic areas in Myer and David Jones exclaiming and going "oh heavens what has happened to my dual-colored screen?"

          I think it's really a money thing. My telemarketing job we use DOC because the software still works fine, and it would cost too much to upgrade.
          Windows based software in generally easier to use, so it would probably b better for the oldies, once they got over the shock of the change. Even I hate when a new Windows comes out.
          I switched my parents computer to Linux and I don't think they even noticed.

    Approximately 50 people were let go by Krome Sudios yesterday... Discuss..

    "Talk Amongst Yourselves - Insert your own miscellaneous off-topic discussion here."

    Cool... Just going to use this for a minor vent.

    At this point in time, I'm seriously considering going postal on a number of people here at work and against one of our clients.

      what kinda work do u do?

        The title is "Scheduling Associate" within a Call Centre... the main function of the role is making sure all our staff have rosters, and make sure we have coverage for our forecasted incoming calls...

        My main 2 issues at the moment, we roster in advance and we are meant to be aware of any changes WELL in advance. One of our clients have twice cancelled training less than a week before it's meant to have occurred. Amendments then have to be made for the following weeks.

        Other staff, one in particular... his idea of communication is, coming over to your desk, saying something brief, advises that he is 'looking into it further' and you never hear back... So it was only today, that I found out his 'casual agent list' and where he would prefer them to be working.

        A list I've been waiting on for sometime, a list which I now have to get the agents availability and work out a roster, for the Tuesday coming... The reason why he doesn't send emails is because he tries to talk his way out of all the fuck ups he causes by not providing the relevant departments the info they need in the first place...

        So glad it's Friday today and the end of the shit week! Though I'm not exactly looking forward to next week, which has one less day also! :(

          Beer o'clock comes in 7 hours time. That'll go quick!

          This is why I've always been happy being the pleb worker who just turns up and does his stuff, then goes home. Doesn't explain what possessed me to apply (and get) the 2IC role in my team, especially considering I'm stepping in as the Team Leader next week while my boss is away :/

          Insanity is thy name.

            Hey, it's 730 on Friday night and I'm still going! YAY!!!

            Hopefully should be done by 9pm...

          Wow. I simply can't stand people like that hey. The worst kind of problems are the ones out of your control from incompetent people who simply just don't seem to have a sense of empathy or consideration at all. Worst case scenarios always occur when they're out of your hands =[

          I had a 35% mid semester yesterday and a huge assignment due today. can't wait to get some well-deserved sleep tonite. (Beer o'clock right before, of course)

    Has anyone tried this technique with their PSP? (It is essentially using 2 16GB Sandisk microSDHC cards and combining them in to a dual slot memory stick pro duo adaptor to make up the equivalent of a 32GB memory stick for use in my PSP)

    Did it work? Was it cost effective? Any minor or major issues?

    I just received delivery of the Gilette Fusion Gamer swag. It is a massive haul! Looking forward to some Fifa 10 now!

    Wooheee! I don't care what you all think of me, but I am super happy horse flicking excited! I can't wait, but I managed to get 3 tickets to see Regina Spektor in concert next weekend! So, I'm dragging my two girls along to watch a real musician doing her thing. Why is it that the media washed over masses tainting no talent pop garbage manage to get a hold of my 2 kids!??? I'm not sure how it happened... I blame youtube, freaking kesha and whats her name... grrr.
    So anyway, I cant wait! I know secretly my kids DO have some Regina favourites, they just don't like to admit they like dads music :)


    *stop all looking at me funny. :/

      SIR! I am equally excited as I'm seeing her on Sunday in Brissy. After Henry Rollins last night and Bluejuice tonight, I believe this could be the best weekend I've had in a while...

      If only Philly Jays were this week and not last week...

      Nah dude, I love Regina too. Bummed I didn't get in for tix to her 3hr concert in Bris!!!

      this, my boy, puts you in to the good parent category...

      If there was one person i could punch in the stomach, it would be Kesha... I know i know, to violence against women autralia says no - but she ISN'T a woman!!! She isn't even human!!! She is Skank incarnate so it should be fine for me to do so!

      Better yet, Q-bo, Take them to see alestorm when they come out shortly - scottish pirate metal!! arrr!!! lol

        You're not thinking big enough.

        Hit her with Justin Beiber.

          OMG, one of my girls thinks he is amazing. I hope someone throws a fridge at him.

            Justin Bieber i can handle; he's just like the aaron carter of the new generation... although he is annoying, most girls would just look back and chuckle at how silly he/they was/were.

            Ke$ha however... her lyrical genius knows no bounds, why would you brush your teeth with a bottle of Jacks? Arguable, that it is a metaphor for getting drunk in the morning. But how about showing where your male genitalia at. Yeah, that.

            At least britney was subtle about "Hitting her one more time"

        Search "Ke$ha looks like John Travolta" and do an image search...

        She really isn't attractive at all, and the bottom half of her looks like it's late 30s or 40s...

      Great to see other Regina fans! :) Scottish pirate metal in kilts...front row seats....looking upwards...?? I'll pass! hehehe!

      I was very lucky actually, the Melbourne shows were all sold out when I heard she was here, I was so bummed out! But my awesome mummy (yes, I'm 32...) called up to check, and they actually have to reserve 2 disabilty spots, each with a "disability assistant" seat spare. So I'm pretty chuffed, onya mum!

      I saw The Necks a few weeks back, I've been folowing them for a few years now, been to 4 concerts. The impecible timing, fluidity of the 45 min plus songs of piano bass and drums (Buck has the most intese incredible stamina I've ever seen) which are all improvised on the spot really let you drift away.
      I'm actually trying to start a similar band, but I've no idea where to start? I can play either the guitar, bass, piano, or drums (to some degree), but I'd prefer piano. Any takers for some experimental, morphing improve musos out there?

    Did anyone else play Dragons Breath on Atari ST? It's possibly my all time favourtie game. I still play it too this day.

    Was just wondering if anyone else fell in love with it as much as I did.

    I imported L4D2 for 260. Will The Passing work on my imported copy? Will it be censored? Is there anyway to obtain an imported copy?

      You imported? Sounds like a bootleg copy, I've never heard of the XBox 260 :D

      I also imported and played through the passing a few times yesterday with no problem. Plenty of blood and heads flying everywhere thanks to the stout application of a golf club!

    So who else has pre-ordered SC2 from EB and is getting a beta invite?

    We could get a group going for some online matches and such when the invite is handed out on the 28th :)

      Can't afford it, but considering it. I'm a sucker for a freebie or an added bonus. People to play with would only sweeten the deal! Still... austudy... rent...

        It's going to be awesome though, one of the best games to get released this year I'll bet.

        Scrounge around, pick pocket people on the street like Altair if you have to. Otherwise you'll be missing out. :3

          yup first thing im doing on wednesday is going wheres my key damnit

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