Team Fortress 2 Tweaks The Drop System

Items in Team Fortress 2 will drop more frequently under changes Valve just rolled out, ones that the publisher hopes will discourage standing around idly in the game waiting for them to happen.

The old system would determine, at random intervals, if you would experience an item drop. Now it determines at random when the next drop will occur. Subtle difference but "you're guaranteed to find items at fairly regular intervals," according to Erik Johnson on the official Team Fortress 2 blog. "The bulk of drop complaints we've received in the past have been from players having unlucky streaks, where they didn't find any items for weeks. That won't be possible now."

In addition to that change, Valve promises that they've significantly increased the rate at which drops occur. Further, they capped the amount of playtime per week in which you'll see item drops. Logging playtime beyond that won't equal more opportunities at item drops. "The amount varies, but if you play an hour or so a day you're good," Johnson said. "Some of your unused time will rollover to the following week, so if you're an intermittent player you'll also be fine."

That means that idling, whether done through a scripting program or server or just the old fashioned standing around way, won't get you any closer to the goodies. But bully for Valve for increasing the frequency of item drops, which is a proactive step that provides incentive for playing, as opposed to ramming in some disincentive for cheating. Two different things, and they get the difference.

Thanks for Standin Still, Wanker [Team Fortress 2 Blog]


    Maybe I can finally get ONE hat after 3 weeks :\

    Thank God, 100 hours in TF2 and I might finally get a hat!

      Hah you and me both! :P
      I've found 'head gear'...

      1st was the scouts hatless...double lame (shit 'item' for a class I hate to play)!

      2nd was hatless for sniper! :(

      3rd - still waiting, hopefully something decent!

    I still havent gotten my eyelander or scottish resistance. It seems all the drops I get are for the classes I use least. I still havnet gotten a hat after about 30 hours, but that doesnt bother me since it doesnt affect gameplay.

      I had to unlock them all - which is ok coz I enjoyed earning them.

      My girlfriend found all the demo\soldier items on the first 2days they were available - she didn't have to unlock a single one!
      I am still waiting for Gunboats to drop. >.<

      Over the last 3 weeks I've only had like 3 items drop.

    I like the new system, and it's a great way to stop (well, curb) the hordes of complainers and idlers on the forums.

    354.2 hours, and 1 camera beard... Good news.

    hehe bad luck mate.
    Camera Beard was all I really wanted for ages... I found 3 in a week once they made it a misc item. :\
    I still like it, but it was kinda sweet when it was rare... now almost every spy wears it.

    Around 250 hours here

    ONE Hat - The Heavy Football Helmet - Which also happens to be my 2nd least played class. RAD.

    This is a big improvement for those of us who don't idle and want to make the most of those precious few hours each week. However I can't help but feel they should completely remove the unlock system altogether, and make all items available to everyone.

    i got no hats man i need sum i was waitin i played for a month straight still got 0 hats :C

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