Team Fortress 2 Update Puts A Medal On Your Chest

Flush with pride over the game's 119th update, Valve today released another update for online shooter Team Fortress 2, designed to honour those that have been with the game since its launch all the way back in 2007.

Along with a few minor tweaks to the mechanics of the game, it introduces three types of medals players can wear on their chests, which reflect how long they've been playing the game. If you played your first game of TF2 twelve months (or later) after the game's release, you get a bronze "Weekend Warrior" badge.

Those whose first game was between 3-12 months after the game first came out, you get a silver "Soldier of Fortune" badge. And those lucky few, the pioneers who played their first game within the first three months of the game's launch? You get the gold "grizzled veteran" medal. Wear it with pride, soldier. You deserve it.

Sounds paltry, but for a community so passionate and loyal (not to mention vain) as Team Fortress 2's, they'll be seen as valuable commodities. And rightly so. If you're still playing an online shooter nearly three years after it came out, you deserve that medal.

To read up on the 119th update - and a great rundown of the 118 before it - hit Valve's blog below.

119 [Team Fortress 2]


    I'm a whingy little bitch waah waah.
    I get all teary because a big bad video game called me a weekend warrior and made me run around with my hands in the air like the pansy I am.

    As a TF2 Betaran (who has clocked UNDER 300 hours I believe) and proud BLU Soldier, I weep manyl tears of joy in these new medals, and for the love of the best online "non-hardcore\competetive" game in existence.

    Valve, you've provided us with laughter, screams and gibs for three years, keeping it fresh every step of the way.

    Man, I had the PS3 version within the first three months, but didn't get the PC version until over a year...

    Yes!.. now when the Macfags come online in a couple of weeks they will be even easier to spot..

    Nice medals, but I would've thought it would have been more intelligent to make the time between medals even.

    Regardless, I do like them, just not the nerfing on the Pyro that came with them :P

    Has anyone got their medal yet? Mine is still no where to be found.

    OK so I've played for an hour or so.. no medal?? when do they appear?

    I've played 300 hours, and I deserve my weekend warrior medal! I didn't get ANY medal!

    I was playing Team Fortress when it was a Beta Mod on Quake ONE, that's when most of you weren't even born yet. And then I played TF-Classic, the Half-Life One mod. Viva la Grenades!

      I am glad someone else has been in the TF world as long as I have, bravo. Seems like there are fewer and fewer of the Beta Mod people around these days.

    Yay I get Gold, even though I haven't played much lately :P

    Idiots. look at the damn page. its for when you bought the game.. If you bought the game the day it came out and never touched it you would still get the medal

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