Teenage Boy Charged With Killing His Father With Sledgehammer

Near Russia's Black Sea, a 14-year-old boy has been charged with killing his father after a row over computer games. He then played computer games for several hours after the killing.

The boy is currently being held in a pre-trial detention. He has no criminal record.

According to regional investigators, on April 12 at 1:00am local time, the boy stuck his sleeping father with a sledgehammer at least twice, killing him. Earlier, the parts had taken away their son's computer keyboard to punish him for spending the entire week playing computer games.

In the period following the attack, the uninjured mother then gave the keyboard to her son, who then played computer games until he fell asleep. The mother then contacted relatives, who in turn contacted the authorities.

Under Russian law, the 14-year-old boy is old enough to be charged with murder.

Boy kills dad with sledgehammer after banned from playing computer games [News.com.au Thanks, shevez!][Pic]


    Crazy people are crazy.

    "He then played computer games for several hours after the killing."

    He probably knew there'd be no computer waiting for him in prison...

      Anyone so mentally unstable as to kill someone with a sledgehammer would think that far ahead.
      Kudos to the mother for staying calm through that.

        Internet needs a sarcasm indicator.

    Yeah I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that *perhaps* there were a few more issues in that house hold other than video games...

    What person would kill another in the first place? He is a fucked up little man killing his own pap.

    Sorta like my second ending to Heavy Rain: Norman got smashed!

    Anyway, yeah, kids nucking futs, no doubt about it. Either that, or too much vodka.

    "Under Russian law, the 14-year-old boy is old enough to be charged with murder."

    Is it weird that I'm happy to hear this?

    Did he drop any good loot?

    Stealing the parent's money and buying a new keyboard would've been a lot better solution.

    How vague and tenuous. Kinda posting about Lincoln's assassination on a site about theatre.

    Probably best hes locked away.

    I like how his mom gave him the keyboard back. I'm pretty sure when I was a kid if I did something naughty like, oh, murder my father with a sledgehammer, I'd be told off and sent to my room.

    Man im getting sick of these things.

    I bet people get crushed by sledgehammers while they're sleeping in bed all the time.......

    Ok maybe not.

    There obviously must be quite considerable underlying issues at play here - that of course will get swept out of the way if the story gains further traction in the mainstream media.

    Oh, I think you'll find he struck rather than stuck his father ;-)

    Got to love the automated "related stories". One on the news.com.au site was "A good night's sleep helps fight obesity"

    see, games don't make people kill, having games taken away makes people kill!

    Wonder if the dads face will be a downloadable level in Red Faction

      Oh my!

    Well that's sure to be brought up in the R18 debate.....

      if it is brought up, and argued that video games promote violence, the argument should be invalid due to the fact that the child is 14 and wouldnt (shouldn't) have access to ma or r rated games.

    Astounding that the mother gave him the keyboard afterwards and then contacted *relatives* rather than authorities?

    First thing to point out is that this had nothing to do with videogames

    I think banning kids from computer games isn't a productive parenting strategy (to put it politely), but this is easily a case of disproportionate retribution.

    Although I think treating 14 year olds in general as legal adults is irrational. SOME 14 year olds ARE mature enough to have criminal intent and are rational enough to analyze a decision like "kill or not." But most 14 year olds aren't sufficiently rational.

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