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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like your game griefing experiences.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Griefing: the act of ruining another person's enjoyment of a game for your own perverse pleasure. Are you a griefer? Have you been griefed? What are your best griefing stories? Tell us.

Me? I'm not a griefer. My preference for single-player games tends to rule me out. However, when I do play online, I tend to play co-op games with friends. And there's one friend in particular who gets a fair amount of grief. For example, in Borderlands, it's hilarious to jump in the second car and constantly bombard this friend with rockets aimed just fractionally ahead of his car. I know it doesn't do any damage, but the way he reacts when he can no longer see where he's driving is comedy gold. Another co-op Borderlands friend takes great pleasure in cancelling the travel initiation whenever my poor griefed friend wants to exit to another area. Oh, how we laugh.


    Daytona - I don't think there was a single time as a kid when I played this when I spun out or fell completely out of contention, so just drove backwards around the track aiming at the other players.

    Battlefield 1942 - In LAN play, they made the det-packs stick to friendly jeeps for a reason... >:)

    Ravenshield/Rainbox 6 - Nothing better than playing coop with mates to hear "Grenade; out!" followed by... "Hey, you've all got gasmasks... right??". Or to have everyone rip out their headphones while someone spams flash-bangs - love the high pitched whine :)

    LittleBigPlanet - This one speaks for itself :)

      ahh good times

      unfortunatly it seemed like as time went on some games caught onto this and refused to let me strategically take out people i wanted to loose

    I normally don't grief. But I loathe snipers with an absolute vengeance.

    Sometimes in TF2 when a particular sniper is having a rather good run against me I rage and switch to spy with the permacloak watch and then proceed to focus solely on killing him for the rest of the game.

    If he gets pissed off and switches to pyro to out me then I've won, he's no longer sniping.

    Burnout Paradise. In the open world where players are trying to make their own fun by attempting jumps or glitching to get to areas you shouldn't be. Here I come screaming in at 200kph to absolutely knock them for six. Love it, they get soooo pissed off.

    I too have a preference for single player gaming so i don't get/receive a lot of grief. There are some small examples i have though.

    Playing fighting games against my sister i always try to pull out cool combos and special moves to make myself feel somewhat skilled (yay self esteem), until she button mashes her way to vitory. Worse yet is when someone beats you with the repeated pressing of one button no matter how much you cry out in anger "knock it off!!"

    There is also, of course, when one of you gets bored with the game and decided to spend the remainder of the game trying to kill your partner.

    Lastly, i did experience griefing playing several FPS's with people killing team members because "it are funny"...

    On a side note, with those last three words in mind, i'd like to request that the Black Eyed Peas stop murdering the English language.... else immabee pissed, yo. Seriously, you annoy me - knock it off.

      Tru that G.

        I think you mean "tru dat g"

          right, sorry.

          I'm not yet fluent in ghetto.

          Big ups to yizzle for peeping and correcting my illz with your mad, phat skillz homie. You da shizzle!

    World of Warcraft was/is good for it, including (but not limited to):

    -Killing Escort NPCs while people are escorting them for quests.
    -Popping pets out while people are trying to kill World Bosses (specifically Kazzak.. Barov Peasant Caller, you served me so very well).
    -Camping a lowbie town of the opposite faction and spending an hour or two killing every single quest giver/shop NPC and/or flight master in sight. This used to be a great way to kickstart some world PvP too.
    -Kiting Elite monsters to towns. Those Horde players who remember back to WoW vanilla days will recall the "fun" of seeing a mass of Green Dragonkin running in the gates of Orgrimmar and proceed to massacre everything in sight. If Alliance, replace "Green Dragons in Orgrimmar" with "Lord Kazzak visiting Stormwind" :)
    -(Ab)Use of mind control to throw people off cliffs. It never gets old.
    -Until it was fixed, certain spells could punt people off flying mounts. Nothing funnier than finding someone afk high above Icecrown and punting them off their mount, then watch them splatter on the ground below.

    The list goes on & on...

      Let's not forget killing the hostages when you're the Terrorists in Counter-Strike!

      You sir, just made me laugh out loud.

      I was an unrepentant dick to the enemy faction in WoW. I regret nothing. This stuff applied mostly to classic pre TBC WoW, especially when polymorph lasted much longer:

      - When seeing an enemy player fighting a mob, whittle down their health and let the mob get the finishing blow so they lose durability.

      - As a mage, before leaving a neutral town make a portal in advance then blow up someone low level and jump in the portal before the guards can kill you. This was my personal favourite.

      - In neutral towns, move in front of quest npcs when enemy players are obviously going to click on them. With luck, they will accidentally click you and autoattack you. The guards will then kill them. Hilarious.

      - When seeing a group of raiders heading toward Blackrock mountain, hang back and find stragglers. Sheep them, delay them as long as you can, and hold up their entire raid. This is like stirring up an ants nest as the rest of the raid eventually gets pissed off and comes out to get you.

      - Trick enemy players into chasing you deep underwater, then sheep them when they try to go up for air. Keep them sheeped until they start drowning. Being undead helped this tactic considerably.

      - Being the vanguard of a gank squad with an epic mount at a time when epic mounts were very rare. Find enemy, sheep them, keep them sheeped until everyone else arrives just for the humiliation factor.

    getting everyone sent off in fifa, or scoring own goals. even though i was losing, my playing partner and opponent got pissed at me.

    NSMBWii. Need I say more.

    Also, Mario Kart (all incarnations) - I'll sabotage anyone. :)

    Repeatedly hitting the jab button in fight night.

    I play mainly single player games so it was never really an issue.

    I did used to turtle in TA / Starcraft and never attack... the games used to go on forever.
    Defense in depth FTW.

    Left 4 Dead. I'd leave it open server because sometimes bots just don't think ahead. But people would come in, incapacitate everyone, suicide then leave the game. Rejoin 10 minutes later and repeat.

    But I don't grief back. Here's why:

    Let's imagine that for each griefing you receive, you in turn grief someone else. Who they then do it to another person. And so on. And you all feel justified because it's been done to you, you can pass on the pain. Let's also say that you don't just do it once, you do it 2 or three times to other people smaller/lesser than you before getting bored then going back to minding your own business.

    The problem with this scenario is after the first incident is there's now at least 2 people griefing. Then it's 4, then 8 and so on. The zombies have won. Systemic Infection not by transmission of fluids but of rage.

    The system only works if nobody flinches and resists the urge. Which I suppose is close to impossible.

    The ideal scenario - and there will always be someone doing it, the world isn't perfect - is 1 person griefs 4 others, but nobody flinches. That means instead of 8 zombies, there will still only be 1. It means your chances of coming across one of these bozos becomes smaller. It's bad enough when there's just 1 person with a grudge, now imagine a server where there's always going to be at least 1 person like that. Scary isn't it?

    Understandably, this is the chicken's way out. The alternative is not to bother with online altogether or adopting exceptionally high standards of choice of server. Or you could join/host a gated (paid) community. But you lose that unpredictability that pub matches offer.

    I'll grief friends for a laugh, but I just don't see the point in doing it to strangers.

      Yep Griefing friends is good. But i refuse to Grief a stranger (unless hes messing it up for everyone)

    A mate and I used to hide in enemy choppers in joint ops. We would hide up the back of the chopper, wait till someone got it airborne and kill em in the pilot seat. You then can jump aboard and fly the thing back to their base to try again.

      man, how good was joint ops...

    In Warcraft3 I used to keep clicking on my own units.
    They'd get really annoyed at me... "Huh?", "What you want?" and "You're rocking the boat!".

    I don't know if it counts as griefing, but they didn't seem to happy about it.

    I don't do it for the hell of it, but sometimes I'll do it in response to someone else's dicketry. A perfect example is on L4D2, there are always a few Australian servers occupied by Singaporean players, who for some conceivable reason choose only to play 3v3 public matches. Why you'd do that I have no idea, and despite repeated questioning, I've never got an answer. As far as I'm concerned, if it's a public server, it's public. So they'll try to boot me despite me asking why, and I'll leave and rejoin. This continued for a good half hour one night. I recall someone saying to me "we try playing 3v3 happy fun time okay?" Good fun.

    Other times is when people boot you for no valid reason, or for something really petty that's your own fault. It's like pay it forward but instead of being nice you're being a bastard.

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