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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like what classic games you'd like to see remade.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

The announcement of XCOM this week was greeted with confusion and, in some cases, anger that 2K are reviving a turn-based tactical game as a first-person shooter. We want to know what other classic game you'd like to see revived - and more importantly, how you'd like to see it remade in order for it to be commercially successful?

Me? I can see why X-Com fans are upset, even though we don't really know very much at all about what XCOM will actually be. And I can understand why 2K aren't making a turn-based tactics game: simply put, it wouldn't sell. (I'd also suggest those X-Com fans who want to play an isometric turn-based tactics game like the original X-Com can, well, still play the original X-Com.)

Anyway, to answer the question, I'd like to see Paradroid remade as a first-person shooter. It would retain the same principle of hijacking more powerful droids in order to progress, but that system could be given added depth by having you co-opt individual parts rather than an entire droid. It would lend it an RPG flavour as you add a variety of upgrades and mods to your droid. These upgrades would take the form of a range of abilities, similar to the plasmids in BioShock. The first-person perspective would not only be more commercially viable, but bring a heightened sense of tension and immersion - I envisage the spaceship you're working your way through to resemble the ship from Dead Space or even System Shock. I can dream anyway...


    I'd love to see a remake of Harley Davidson Ride to Sturgis! That was a great game. Picking up hitch-hikers, doing up your bike along the way with animal pelts, those weenie-dog mini games. I wish there was a modern day equivalent. :(

    Pokemon Snap, lol.

      This, with more Pokemon and more locations would be amazing.
      The sad thing is a game like this kinda relies on awesome graphics and the Wii (the only console that could possibly have this game right now) is lacking in that department.
      Maybe with Wii's successor

    I'd like to see Final Fantasy 7 remade as an FPS.

      In the vein of that whingy Britney guy on youtube..

      Leave FF7 alone!

      It sort of was remade...kind of. In the form of Dirge of Cerberus.

      I'd love to see the Kings Quest series remade, especially number 4. It was your typical point and click adventure, but probably the most frustrating I'd ever played. I think it'd make a pretty cool RPG, albeit one you'd have to go through slowly and carefully lest it make you wanna blow your brains out

    Does anyone remember Skyroads?

    Remake Skyroads for mobile, specifically Android!

    I'd love to see Interstate '76 again, but still focusing on the in-depth damage and customisation settings without it becoming another Twisted Metal knockoff...yeah, I'm looking at you, I'82.

    It was Mechwarrior with Hemis. God I loved that game.

      Agreed. If Activision decided to revert to their awesomeness of the '90s and create a true Interstate '76 sequel, it would need a new version of the original's realistic damage model and solid driving physics. Two of the many essentials '82 lacked.

      An original soundtrack as brilliant as '76s wouldn't go astray either. Also the characters should have no mouths...just kidding.

    Why not start making games in 8-bit again? We've seen how with the new releases of Megan 9 & 10 how succesful it can be.

    Sure it's limited in what you can do, but with some imagition it can done really well and those 8-bit soundtrack rock!

    i want a remake of NOCTURNE on PC if anyone out there played that... underrated for its time

    I never played Paradroid, but that sounds good to me.

    To keep on the robot theme:

    One Must Fall: 2097 - 2D Robot fighter. They did make OMF: Battlegrounds but it was buggy and low-budget.

    Metal Fatigue – Giant Robot RTS. Good fun, innovative and come on, who doesn't like giant robots slicing each other's arms off?

    Battle Realms - Medieval Japan Fantasy RTS. Taking WC3's 'upkeep' idea to the max, this RTS was more about chipping away an enemy with skirmishes and reinforcements rather than amassing an army of Master Unit X.

    Afterlife - Spiritual City Builder. Featured last week, it was city building... heaven (lols). You built heaven and/or hell. While essentially SC2000 with a full texture pack, it was still fun.

    There's more but hey, I've got work to do. And the market for Ports of Call 2012 would be very small.

    Lula: The Sexy Empire. What can I say? I'm just a sucker for... business management simulators

    Paradroid? David, you just went up several notches in my eyes. Loved that back on the C64, even if I was never very good at it. Your allusions to System Shock are pretty valid too, as Paradroid is the sort of game you can play through as a shooter or rely on stealth/planning to get around with a minimum of enemy contact.

    In sticking with my usual spiel, I would like to see remake/releases of the X-Wing & TIE Fighter games (the separate ones, not XvT) as it's been far too long since we've had a decent story-driven space shooter. My only request would be that in addition to the usual plots they follow (Rookie pilot leading into the assault on a Death Star), that they borrow from the greater Star Wars universe and use events/scenarios from the books/comics. There's a wealth of material out there that we've never seen touched, so if we can have a TIE Defender Lego kit then they can wade into the world of the Extended Universe for a bit of subject matter...

      There's a TIE Defender Lego kit?

        It's all sorts of awesome!

          Man that looks good.

          Hang on, do the wings rotate around the cockpit, like on a B-wing... because that's not the way it's supposed to be.

    It’s a catch 22, the exact graphics, music, missions and gameplay of a game make it nostalgic and worthy of a remake, but as soon as those things are changed, well it’s not really the same game from my memory any longer.

    I would like to see the game Secret of Evermore get a remake, but keeping the exact same graphics and art style, just add heaps more spells, weapons, and stuff to do. Square is too busy making their next corridor walking simulator to care about this old gem. I could totally see this working as an updated virtual console game, but that will never happen. I guess I’m essentially asking for someone to create a nice rom-hack.

    Donkey Kong Country!!!

    Everyone else is getting the update: New SMB and Sonic 4.

    This was my other fav platformer back in the 16bit days.

      Oh yeah and make sure David Wise does the soundtrack...

    more fluid animations, better graphics, Possibly better linked together missions and story.
    Kinda abit more like Jagged Alliance 2 but in 3D and set in an alien infested city on an alien planet.

    X Wing or TIE Fighter or X Wing Vs TIE Fighter or X Wing Alliance.

    C'mon Lucasarts.

      speaking of lucasarts how bout remakes of day of the tentacle??

      dott.exe mmmmmm so many memories haha

        A new Day of the Tentacle would be fantastic! In fact, I'd be pretty happy with Telltale games giving it a crack. They really seemed to understand what made Sam & Max such a fantastic game.

    Jazz Jackrabbit. Maybe a HD remake on XBLA?

    Granny's Garden

    The Thief Series & the spaceship game "Elite".

    I'd really love to see a remake of the CRUSADER NO REMORSE/REGRET series.
    Silencer was the original master chief, no talking nor did we ever see his face(well neck and chin don't count).
    3rd person action, with it's hight tech gadgetry(1st person spider bombs anyone?) and awesome setting, EA could really make somthing outta this franchise.
    sigh...I can only hope.

    Day of The Tentacle (just a HD update would be fine, do NOT change the story!) I'd also love to see a remake of Interstate '76, as per DONAR. Great game.

    So long as the new Sonic is done well, I'm pretty content as is.

    Interstate 76. ;_;

    We need feature on the best ndsi XL prices and trade ins. is your best bet. Specifically,1884/ for their DSI XL coverage.

    Agree with James Mac
    - X-Wing series. A good simulator from the cockpit rather than a 3D arcade game. (Rogue squadron was still good though). No respawning proton torpedoes! Keep the gameplay the same, update the presentation and unit count, maybe include a mission editor to increase the lifespan of the game.
    - Deus Ex. Once again don't touch gameplay but a polish and using a modern game engine would be nice.
    - And have to say Marathon. Hope that's what Bungie is doing after Halo: Reach. But like the original focus on the single player and make it more a puzzle/shooter like Half Life.

    I'd love to see a remake of Dark Forces and then Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight. The first forays into Kyle Katarn's life need to be remade so we can all experience him again. Hell, go one step further and do the mysteries of the Sith add on so we can get in on some Mara Jade action, before she was killed off.

    * An updated space flight sim in the X-Wing series

    * A new strategy game in the X-Com mould (no need to be turn based or isometric, but something thinky, not a shooter. It could even be a Sins of a Solar Empire-style space RTS!)

    * Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross series

    * Parasite Eve series (and given the genre shift from 1 to 2, why not another one from 2 to 3? You could shift all the way to FPS, or all the way the other way to JRPG, or do a JRPG where dungeons are handled as FPS levels.

    I think remakes are counter-productive, considering most of the titles named are rehashes of previous genres.

    The only genre I find severely lacking lately is turn-based strategy, which I feel would be a better fit for consoles than the strangely large amount of RTS.

    Commanders Attack is a decent enough game on XBLA, but something as good as JA2 wouldn't go astray.

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