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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like who you like to party with.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

They're in almost every RPG, those mostly faithful (but sometimes treacherous!) companions who join you on your quest to save the world. Yes, we're talking about RPG party members. Who's your favourite?

Me? I'd be hard pressed to separate the eccentric cast of characters who can join with you in Planescape: Torment. The talking skull, the tortured slave, the pyromaniac mage, the Scottish fiend, the chaste prostitute, the rogue automaton and the ultimate disembodiment of justice; conversing with each throughout the game lets you unravel their multi-layered personal histories, the themes of which resonate with your own search for identity. But I'd say Dak'kon, if I were forced to choose just one. His story just breaks my heart.


    Minsc from BG2. Pure comedy gold and an excellent front line fighter too.

    Probably one of my favourite parts of the game was when you convinced this guy that you needed to be admitted to a mental asylum by merely presenting Minsc as one of the people you choose to travel with.

      I was waiting for someone to say "anyone except for imoen".

        Hey, Imoen was cool. Anomen though, urg, can't stand that guy.

      Miniature giant space hamsters' advice is always good!

    I'd say Wrex from Mass effect 1. He was my kind of err "people"... Till that bitch shot him in the face... Grr so I let her die later on... Then half way through Mass Effect 2 a buddy of mine told me Wrex didnt have to die, it was about the choices I made... GRRR I still blame Ashley Williams!!!

      It wasn't just about the choices, you had to have a high paragon etc to get out of killing him, because I saved it before the conversation and tried it like 10 times, to no avail.

        Ahh fair enough. Damn it Im gunna need to play the game again...

        Do you know if you can have Wrex and Grunt is it? Smashing about in mass effect 2?


          Wrex is busy in ME2, you can speak to him... but he can't join your party.

          ME3 though... we can only hope.

        Or, if you happened to track down his family's armour beforehand, you could convince him to stay with you based on loyalty, no paragon or renegade required.

    Dogmeat from Fallout! No reason, I just have fond memories of him.

    Anyone who actually looks like they can help me save the world.

    For example, how is it that 2 kids like Vanille and Hope in FFXIII can take on fal'cie that are 20+ times their size? I know you've got to suspend disbelief but a small kid with a boomerang and a little (or old, depending on how you look at her) lady with a staff knocking down giant tortoises and godlike beings comes off as a little retarded.

    Cait Sith from FFVII?
    Selphie from FFVIII?
    Eiko (I think) from FFIX?

    Still, my favourite companions was probably those from Shadow Hearts Covenant.

      it's their destiny remember!

        Their focus, you mean? ;)

          Nay, they didn't want to confuse people so on the boxes and ads they put "FULFILL YOUR DESTINY" or "DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO FACE YOUR DESTINY" and you realise somewhere between the 25 hours of linear gameplay that their destiny is their focus in game. LOL

    I’ve recently finished Mass Effect since Mass Effect 2 received so much critical acclaim and I wanted to play through the trilogy as indented by the developers but as far as RPG companions go I can’t go past HK-47 from the original KOTOR as one of the more memorable.

    Expecting a character or two from Mass Effect 2 to stand out too.

    Those characters you describe sound fantastic and it is for shame that I have never played Planescape.

    I enjoy all the characters from the Mass Effect Universe but I find that I am also disconnected to most of them. I found in that game that you get close to the crew you always have in your landing party (for me Mordin and Miranda)but the others just become kind of stow aways on your ship that you occasionally chat to. Then when it comes to their loyality missions you gain attachment want to use them in your party but never really do because they are rubbish in combat.

    Duke Nukem for sure!

      Sounds like the title of his next game.

    I actually really got to like Garrus from Mass Effect (is this the only RPG Kotaku readers have played!?!). I really liked his transition from naive C-Sec officer to disillusioned to bad-ass Archangel. In ME2 especially he's this nice guy (especially if you're a female Shepard) with a steely hardness underneath. Good character. His script and voice-acting is top-notch as well.

      I definitely have to agree. I barely paid him any mind in ME1, but he's definitely come into his own in ME2. He's definitely a better-defined character now. I find it difficult now to decide whether to take him or Grunt out with me now (slot 1 is always filled with Miranda, because I get a kick out of the fact that the female party member who is defined by her being genetically perfect happens to have an Australian voice).

      Yeah I loved Garrus in the first ME, always took him with me and the character development in the second was really fantastic. For me I think he has the best character development in the game. Second playthrough I'm gonna be a female shepherd just so I can get to know him a little more personally...

    I want my world-saving quest to be filled with laughs, so it's gotta be Donald & Goofy from Kingdom Hearts! :D

      There are not enough curse words in this world that I can use when talking about Donald Duck. I hate him so much.

    Dogmeat! I actually cared about him. Him being in the game made sense.

      I knew someone would share my sympathy for him

        I actually found myself talking to him quite often as I played along, much like how I would with my real dog. Most other party members in other games simply get a cursory, "Get out of my fluffing way!"

    I would love a viera from ff12 for pure asthetics and to hear their accent.

    In terms of practicality, I can't think of an RPG character that I've grown attached to. But then again it might be cause i haven't played mass effect 1 or 2...

    I liked Krea from KOTOR2, Alistair from DA:O and Grunt from ME2... they were enjoyable party members.

    When it comes to combat though, I generally go with who ever can do the most damage.

    DA:O I generally partied with Morrigan and Wynne (both skilled up to healer and spell caster) PC (tank) and Alistair (tank).

    The Annoying Fan.

      Please tell me you aren't talking about that yellow haired loner from Oblivion D=
      He was SOOOO irritating.

    Dog from Fable 2.

    I felt so betrayed when he died, then cheap when Lionhead helped me bring him back.

    HK-47 from KOTOR is one of my favourites that hasn't been mentioned yet. Playing a Sith alongside him was great =)

      Also your pet dog (`d'), cat (`f'), or pony (`u') from Nethack. Those guys are useful and impossibly faithful =)

    Minsc and Morte, without a doubt.

    Although I really like the concept behind Legion from ME2, so I hope he/they/it? gets further developed in ME3.

    Fawkes from Fallout 3

    HK-47 from KOTOR and Garrus from the Mass Effect Series.

    Also can't go past Fawkes and Dogmeat frm Fallout.

    Since I recently finished ME2, I have to say Mordin was absolutely brilliant. They combined a hilariously loveable character with an extremely deep and intriguing ethical issue, without bashing the player with a moral judgement on the issue.

    The only RPGs i play that involve a party are the Pokemon games, so i guess i'll pick my doggy from Fable 2, or maybe my Lazer Rifle from Fallout 3

    Jolee Bindo from KOTOR. HK-47 is often credited as the funniest party member of the series, but I would have to disagree. Jolee is much, much funnier.

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