The 90-Minute Review Of Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones [Updated]

Forget watching a movie; the best 90 minutes of video you'll see tonight is this epic recap of Attack of the Clones, the latest in RedLetterMedia's enjoyable series of serial killer movie reviews.

These are so great not just because they're funny, but because when you look past the "women trapped in a basement" shtick they're also great pieces of accessible film critique.

If you don't think you can spare ninety minutes (or would rather not be reminded of Clones' existence), you should check out their Avatar review, which gets to the same point, only it's a lot quicker about it.

The first ten-minute clip is above, jump through the YouTube links to see the others.

UPDATE: Well, that was fast. I was watching this an hour ago, but now, the first of the clips has been pulled thanks to a complaint from the Cartoon Network, which holds the rights to... the cartoon called "The Clone Wars". Despite this being a review about the eight year-old movie. What a world we live in. I'll leave this up, though, since you can still access the rest of them via RedLetter's YouTube page.


    Cartoon network needs to pull its head out of its arse.

    Just the usual DMCA hijinks by the looks of it. Youtube have no choice but to do this, according to the American DMCA. You just have to wait until RedLetterMedia files a counter notice. Then the video will be up again.

    By the way, I thought that the Phantom Menace review was brilliant! Easily the best critique of the movie that I've ever heard. I can't wait to check out the whole Clones review as well.

    Time to send Cartoon Network a pizza roll, watched both of the star wars reviews, hilarious and extremely valid arguments throughout, thanks for the experience.

    Watched it sans first part. Another insightful deconstruction of one of the brilliantly flawed star wars prequels.

    If the copyright infringement notice is in anyway legitimate some people need to die.

    The phantom menace one was actually better made than the movie it was reviewing.
    & the whole 'serial killer' thing kinda grated on me too, till the end, when it was subtly hinted that the reason this guy kills is because he watched these shitty movies!

    Oh look, more prequel bashing! Is it flavour of the month again or something?

    I started watching one of the parts where he's making some sort of argument about how Lucas was ripping off every single movie he could with parts from AOTC. "Gladiator had an arena, so Lucas one-upped him! ESB had this shot at the end with the Droids, Luke & Leia, so here's AOTC with Anakin, Padme & the Droids! etc etc". I haven't heard such thin and far reaching reasoning since Atkinson last took the stage to talk about R18+ video game stuff. Why not go "Hey, Ben Hur had an arena so clearly Lucas is ripping that off!"? Or maybe "Oh hey, Dune was set on a sandy planet and look! AOTC has a planet with sand on it!" and so forth.

    Lost me right at that point, he did.

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