The Amazing Video Game Art Of Patrick Brown

We've featured the art of Australian artist Patrick Brown a few times before here on Kotaku. But you know what? When someone has such a dense gallery of amazing video game art, a few times isn't enough.

So here's a good look at some of Brown's more recent works. While displaying an unhealthy obsession with the Grand Theft Auto series, Brown also covers titles such as Gears of War, Resident Evil 5, BioShock 2, Army of Two and even the unreleased Red Dead Redemption.

To see more of his stuff, check out his gallery at the link below.

[Patrick Brown @ deviantART]


    And he's Australian? Holy crap, this guy is good. Nice style, all his work is clearly his, but the characters are also instantly recognisable. That's some nice stuff.

    I've got some of those as posters from Game Master magazine. He's damn good

    Holy crap that's good. I'd happily use one as a desktop.

    I think his comic at is worth highlighting also. It has brilliantly depicted action.

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