The Best Gaming Application Of The iPad So Far

As seen in a Stacker Large machine at the Windward Mall in Honolulu, Hawaii. - Thanks Geeq!


    I LOVE those Stacker games. I know they're rigged to only give you a prize after a certain amount of games but I was lucky enough to win a Gamecube a few years back. I already had a Gamecube though but at least I gained some money through selling it on eBay.

      I got myself an iPod shuffle once :P

      Well, it was new back then :P

    Stupid damn stacker. I remember making it to the second last line 11 times and never winning. I knew the damn game was rigged but for some screwed up reason I couldn't help but keep trying anyway.

    I just hope Japanese arcade prize machines start giving out iPads; cause Japanese machines aren't rigged; just that they are hard to win because they require more skill (in terms of the 'crane/UFO catchers' because the prizes are placed in a way that it is hard to get the first try).

      Aye, I one an awesome Lupin the 3rd figure from one of those in Japan. I was surprised that it was a matter of skill and not just a rigged machine.

        And I mean won...

    My friend got so close like 3 times on that thing, then after we left some random scored an ipod on that thing >=O. And it was my friends birthday too T.T

    woah woah, sif not comment on the guy taking the photo's reflection.

    "I just hope Japanese arcade prize machines start giving out iPads; cause Japanese machines aren’t rigged" LOL
    I've heard a story of a place, could have been in Japan, might have been some other asian country, where a kid played a crane machine, moved a toy but didn't win it. As soon as the kid walked away, a staff member went up, opened the machine and put the toy back where it was. Thats not to say machines in Australia aren't stacked to make it harder to pick up the toys, but I haven't heard of them being re-sorted to make it harder with that frequency.

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