The Best Modern Warfare Fan Film $209.42 Can Buy

Take seven of your spare minutes today to watch Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing, a tribute to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, if only to see how much fan film $US209.42 USD can buy you.

Of course, that sum doesn't take into account the value of the talent involved in putting together this Modern Warfare film together, created by the folks at Corridor Digital, but that should become apparent while watching.


    I hope these psychos dont own any real type of firearms

      What makes them psychos? Some people need to get out more...

    Yeah, that was actually a pretty awesome fan film. How they're psychos I don't know. Cannot wait to see what they do with part 2.

    If I had a good setting (like they had a hanger) and willing people to act, and of course some decent looking toy guns, I would definitely make one too :<

    i had low expectations but was actually quite impressed - nice effort

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