The Biggest Game Of 2009 Is Under Siege This Month

Uncharted 2, the undisputed best game of 2009 among people who really liked it, gets a third dose of DLC this month in the Siege Expansion Pack, which brings new maps, a new game type and Nathan Drake in a wetsuit.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves' multiplayer offerings get a strong shot in the arm on April 22 with the release of the Siege Expansion Pack. Along with six new skins, 11 trophies and two new multiplayer maps - The Highrise and The Museum - Siege also introduces a new multiplayer mode, appropriately called Siege.

In Siege, two to three players capture and hold ground against waves of increasingly difficult AI enemies. It's like your standard Horde mode, only with territory capture thrown in for good measure. Each round the territory changes, so there should be a nice hectic race to the next spot before the slaughter begins.

Here's a listing of trophies and skins you'll be able to acquire in the Siege Expansion Pack, along with a lovely shot of Drake wearing a skin-tight wetsuit.

6 Skins Wetsuit Drake Baseball Shirt Drake Prakoso Platzor Glowzor Dead Explorer

11 Trophies – 180 Trophy Points Bronze You Can't Break Me – Complete all 3 co-op objective maps on Crushing Under Siege – Finish Wave 10 in 1 Siege game Speedy – Get 10 First! Medals I'll Cover You – Get 50 Defender Medals Fallen Angel – Get 50 Afterlife Medals Not So Fast – Get 20 "Shut'em Down Medals Jack of All Trades – Get 15 Triple Threat Medals You Run, I'll Shoot – Get 10 Protectorate Medals Back At Ya – Get 50 Retaliation Medals Kneel Before Z… – Get 5 Put-em Down Medals Silver Rock a Rhyme – Get 100 Tricky Medals

Again, that's April 22, with a price to be determined. Mark your calendars, and prepare to get a little wet.


    Is it just me, or is Nathan Drake not the sexiest male game character around?

    Yeah, I was going to say... "best" is supportable, given its awards, but "biggest" is silly compared with MW2.

    Man is that sexy or what... did I just say that? Oh my god!?

    Do people even play Uncharted 2 multiplayer? I though it was one of those multiplayers that was added to give the game more but that no one played it. Like Bioshock 2 multiplayer for example.

    Uncharted 2 multiplayer is great - but yeah i don't play as much as I should.

    It doesn't compare to other online games, like FPS and TPS aswell - but it isn't a pointless addition like Bioshock 2. It really is fun.

    But the single player just upstages everything so sometimes it may seem pointless. Now i'm not the biggest PS3 gamer, mainly exclusives like these and Uncharted 2 and is my fave PS3 game - but has any of the DLC offered any single player additions. I would like to see some extra missions, i just don't wanna wait for Uncharted 3 mainly.

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