The Case For An R18+ Rating In 108 Seconds

The Case For An R18+ Rating In 108 Seconds

Kotaku reader Kevin put this animation together to argue the case for an R18+ rating for games. It’s tough to argue against!


  • And then we’ll get Family First screaming ‘BUT THINK OF THE CHILDREN!’, when logic dictates.. WE ARE!

  • Great work Kevin… loved it mate. AvP point was awesome.

    I did laugh at the stats about the average age of the gamer though. In 2005, it was 24, and in 2008, it was 30. I was waiting for the stats to continue saying that by 2030, the average age of the gamer will be 74 *(yep, i did the maths). All i could think of was Disco Stu talking about the trend of disco record sales for the period of 1978 to 1979. “If these trends continue… aaayyyeeee”

      • I’m assuming he imports most of his purchases like i do and doesn’t go into aussie game stores that often? I didn’t even realise demons souls wasn’t released in australia till i read the kotaku article about it finally being scheduled for release in june.

        I imported it when it was released in NA so i didn’t need to look at aussie releases XD. <3 region free gaming.

        on topic: the video was great, if only the R18 debate for games would find the right kind of mainstream media attention =[

        • Theres a difference tho between a game being released in 2 – 3 months time thats finally been given the go ahead, and a game thats now been out for what, 2 months?

  • To make it even more credible, he should add at the end where he got his statistics from.

    Then they’d just need to show this in parliament and i smell a victory at hand

  • Excellent video – gets straight to the point, lays down the facts and makes the situation easy to understand for everyone.

  • I love the video – but more so, i love the bouncing kids. God they just looked so EXCITED to be able to buy “death smash dismememberment feminist 12”

    Whats better is now people who are too lazy to read can’t claim to be ignorant!

  • Awesome video although i was under the impression sega did not infact appeal but just resubmitted and it got through which in my mind is much worse because it means that depending what group of people from the ratings board are there changes the rating a game gets

    • Yes it was appealed. They can’t just resubmit the same unchanged game to hope for it being assigned to different board members and getting a different outcome.

  • Not bad, but drop the stuff about Atkinson – he’s gone now – it just clouds the important part of the message, which is that minors can already buy adult games in Australia, and that the introduction of an 18+ rating would help prevent that.

    • Yeha I know what you mean but it makes sense in context, as in, if someone asks the question:

      “But there must be a reason why we don’t, what is the logic behind it?”

      Its answered in the video, because we live in a facist pseudo-country where nobody bothered writing a bill of rights.

  • Hi guys, thanks for all the comments. It was originally submitted as a user video for Hungry Beast but didn’t win. It was a tight deadline so it’s a bit more concise then I would have liked. I’m thinking of updating it with sources and a bit more information, maybe I’ll kill the Atkinson bit too.

    • I was just gonna say that it looks perfect for Hungry Beast, oh well.

      Nicely done, although if you’re going to work on it a bit I did think the arrow scaling the time-line looked kinda ugly.

      Loved the people though. Expressions and emotions well captured.

    • Don’t nix the Atkinson part. Need to know where we came from to know where we’re going.

      (P.S: Added your video to the Facebook group I maintain: “Still Fighting For Australian Gaming’s R18!”. Updates with new news and videos.)

    • Yeah, the Atkinson part is a bit less relevant now and we don’t want to turn him into some kind of strawman/martyr now that he’s out of the picture. Maybe a more generalised history of why Australia never introduced the rating and emphasise the parts about how we’re long overdue for one.

  • Rather than saying it’s tough to argue against, it would be more accurate to say it’s IMPOSSIBLE to argue against. Because trying to argue against the plain, simple truth only makes you look like a goddamned moron. Like Atkinson.

  • I don’t see why this isn’t on the us Kotaku site (which I prefer), although I always check the Aussie posts for gems like this.(Downside is, I don’t check/remember to check replies to my posts)

    This video sums up pretty much the points that people have put through on various forums considering the “decisions.”

    As for the informative side, I didn’t realise the average age down here was 30. I remember the age 23 being thrown around someplace.

    This whole deal about not getting the R18 rating parallels the “firewall” the government is intent on putting up.

  • I’d suggest reinforcing during the AVP example that it has an R18 rating overseas. This would bring home the point about the content in MA15+ stuff here that is R18+ overseas. I know it’s listed later / earlier as one of five games in such a position, but for those unfamiliar with the issue it requires a bit more dot joining.

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