The End Of Mankind Hits The PC In June

The End Of Mankind Hits The PC In June

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and PC gamers should be feeling fine, now that THQ and developer Vigil Games confirm a June release for the PC version of Darksiders.

Apocalyptic horseman War is tricked into accidentally ending mankind, and now he’s a little ticked off. That’s the premise behind Darksiders, a game that did quite well when released on the console earlier this year. Now it’s coming to the mouse and keyboard set, faithfully ported by the fine folks at Vigil Games.

Vigil is excited at the opportunity to bring Darksiders to a whole new audience. At least that’s what David Adams, General Manager of Vigil Games says.

“We are really excited to have the opportunity to bring Darksiders to the global PC audience. We feel that the growth of digital distribution and PC online communities creates a great environment for our game. We are working really hard to make sure that key features such as user-defined resolutions, interface and both keyboard and game pad control sets are all up to the standards for today’s discerning PC consumer.”

Can you feel the excitement? I never played Darksiders on the console, so the PC version should give me a chance to catch up. It seems like the sort of game I’d enjoy playing more in a rolling office chair.


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