The Giant Japanese Robot Dance Routine

Giant robots aren't just for fighting! They can also be used for... construction work! And... complex song & dance routines!

A group of Armored Core: For Answer players have sat down and recorded an insane 18 hours worth of footage, in which the game's giant robots do little but tap toes, swirl around and generally make like this was armoured Core: The Musical.

Armored Core: For Answer was released in 2008, and is the latest game in the long-running mech series. The next game, Armored Core 5, will be released in Japan later this year.

[via GameSetWatch]


    18 hours? Now thats dedication. Makes the game look pretty cool too, I'm certainly going to check it out.

    as cool as this looks ...... why do it??

      Because it looks cool.

    This one is better:

    Also, for some reason it makes me want to watch Iron Man 1 or 2.

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