The Histories Of Fighting Games

The Histories Of Fighting Games

Last week’s unveiling of Marvel Vs Capcom 3 came with an interesting walk-through by Capcom of their take on the history of fighting games.

While Capcom’s Seth Killian allowed that one could argue that 1985’s Yie Ar Kung Fu was the proto-fighting game, providing a template to Street Fighter, it was his company’s Street Fighter II, he said, that birthed the genre.

Here’s a look at both the peaks and valleys of the fighting genre, as explained by Capcom, and the countless non-Capcom fighting games, as selected by Kotaku, that helped shape the landscape of fighting titles over the past two and a half decades.

This is in no way meant to be a comprehensive list, rather a quick journey through some of the games and franchises of the genre. Thanks to intern extraordinaire Lauren Orsini for the wonderous graphic.


  • No KungFu on the NES, No Punch Out on NES/SNES, etc?

    Might not be 1v1 side-on, but they are fighting games.

    There was another one on NES where you could play two guys in an alley, and you could punch high or low. You could also block, but that would use more stamina.

    By the way, Guilty Gear is in the list. It’s the small blue circle next to JCVD!

  • @rpgplayer83 hey dude what’s the name of this game which you cold play two guys in an alley?
    thanks in advance

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