The IPhone Game That Will Wreck Marriages

Football Manager, Sega's famous sports strategy sim that's renowned across Europe for being so addictive it destroys marriages, is now available on the iPhone.

Meaning that budding chairmen can now set strategies, trade players and pull their hair out while on the road, and not just in front of their PC. That'll make the missus happy.

Football Manager Handheld 2010, as this version is called, retains most of the features and depth of its desktop big brother, with over 20,000 real players and 34 leagues to choose from.

It's not the sexiest game on the iPhone, but as far as sports sims go it certainly looks to be the most comprehensive on the platform. That depth comes at a price, however, the game tagged at $US10 in the US, £7 in the UK, €10 in Europe and $US15 in Australia.


    My name is _____ and I have been off Football Manager for just over 5 years now.

    I have never been into WoW or other MMOs, but I empathise because FM used to take up to 10 hours of my life at a time. I even have a copy of Football Manager Live- the MMO version- that remains unopened. I am hesitating to send my brother the OTHER copy that I bought as this will entice me back into old habits.

    I am afraid that if I am now able to carry FM around with me- for far less than the $60 it would cost on PSP- that everything else will suffer. And so I take this as an opportunity to apologise in advance, to my loved ones and my workmates. Im sorry.

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