The Man Who Beat Bejeweled 2

The people who made Bejeweled 2 bring us what they say is the true tale of the first person to conquer Bejeweled 2. 2200 hours. 2,147,482,575 points. Max score possible. Meet Mike Leyde [Bejeweled official site]


    Wait until they bring out Bejeweled 3 - 64 bit.

    The top score would then be 9,223,372,040,000,000,000

    And if he picks up the pace, he can crack that in about 500 million years of continuous play

    Actually it's quite possible with time and patience.

    With Bejeweled 2 on iPhone you can actually save your progress before dying, that way you can continue with your highest score when you save the game.

    How to:
    1. Play action mode.
    2. When you quit the game by pressing home button, you'll save your state to continue later.
    3. When you're dead / game over, press home button as the jewels exploded, it'll quit the game without saving it.
    4. Resume the game as normal, and it will continue from the previous saved state.

    I can get around 9m score in an hour or so without trying too hard.

    So just repeat the process until you hit the max score.

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