The Many Faces Of Transformers: War For Cybertron

Activision shows off the various box arts for the Transformers' return to Cybertron today, from the faction-specific Nintendo DS offerings to the less-shooting, more running Cybertron Adventures for the Wii.

I still can't believe they're calling it Transformers: Cybertron Adventures on the Wii, doing away with the War for Cybertron moniker in favour of a more kid-friendly, mother approved sort of title. I was hoping Candy Mountain would show up on the box art, but sadly we just get Optimus Prime running through what on Cybertron probably passes for a field of flowers.

As for the DS version, I'm Autobot, all the way. Who's with me!?


    Kid friendly or not the Wii cover is best by far

    I find it funny that Megatron will be completely covered by the Australian rating logo.

    Then again, they could just move it to the right, or put it in the middle (its happened before) but I like to think they aren't that smart

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