The Most Astounding Sim City, Population Six Million

YouTube user Thelmperar claims to have maxed out Sim City 3000 with the creation of Magnasanti, a metropolis a few years in the making.

Some facts about the city, from the video:

-Magnasanti has zero abandoned buildings.

-100% of all zoned structures are historical

-Zero water pollution

-Zero congestion

-No crime

-Utilities all done through neighbour deals

-Game completion date: 05/05/50,000

-Total population: 6,005,407

I'm impressed. When's he going to have a tornado whip through it?

[Thelmperar's video is from January, just found it via Reddit]


    I think someone good value for money on that game....

    That's way too much effort for me :P

    I noticed his sims all started dieing at a much younger age when he got to Magnasanti, though it was the year 50000 so maybe there was a kind of Logan's Run thing going on.

    Check out around 6:48.

    It looks like a Logan's Run setup.

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