The Muppet That Ate Your DS (And Your Soul)

Oh God, it's so terrifying.

Meet the Padded Puppet Pouch! It's a... padded puppet pouch for the DS, that pulls two jobs as both a puppet and a pouch for your DS. Just like the name says!

It's by CTA Digital, and while we've chuckled at most of the company's previous efforts in the gaming peripheral business, we're not chuckling at this.

No. We're putting it in a box, sealing the box, then throwing it in the river, then driving off at 100mph. It's the only way we can be truly safe.

Just look at that pic up top. The one where it's laid out with its spine cracked, like something out of The Ring 4: Teddy Ruxpin. Nothankyou.


    That thing isn't going to eat my DS!

    *grabs DSi and runs*

    I think those naughty bear videos are getting to you guys...i think it's neat :P

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