The Perils Of Localisation

As seen on Nerf NOW.

Kotaku AU Note: Can someone add an extra panel for the Australian perspective? (Or would it just be the same as the German one...?)


    The Australian one might be the same as the German one, but it'll cost you an extra $50 to view it.

      That and I'm pretty sure squirt guns are an instant Refused Classification.

      I want to move to Japan.

    It would be an RC sticker or possible have nothing in the frame at all.

    And Australia is kind of like a cross between all 3 :P

    But awesome picture!

    Hooray for NerfNow. Have been following the comic for a while and enjoyed seeing them up on sunday comics. Good to see it in a news post too. You won't find cute Starcraft Zerglings anywhere else.

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