The Table Of Elements Now Features Tiberium, Imulsion

Unless you make your living from science, a table of elements is a pretty boring thing. But not when it includes gaming concoctions like Imulsion (Gears of War), Tiberium (Command & Conquer) and Element Zero (Mass Effect).

They and many more can be found on Russell Walker's Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements, which also includes fake substances from movies, TV shows and literature. Comic books being included in "literature".

Not only does Walker catalogue all these elements, he even displays their energy potential and origin, whether they be magic, scientific or alien.

THe table is available as a print from his website. Link below.

The Periodic Table Of Imaginary Elements [Russel Walker]


    Very nice, but where's my Unobtanium? It's use precedes Avatar by decades, and I believe it was even mentioned in Ringworld.

    Still, though, the creator has done quite a bit of research, and it shows.

    I'm upset he missed Gundanium (from which gundams are made)

      If I'm correct, isn't Gundanium an Alloy? That means it's a compound, not an element.

    What, no unobtanium?

    Runite ftw!!

    <3 RuneScape

    um... whilst its only theoretical Element Zero is loosely based on its theorised properties should such an element with zero elemental mass exist...

    No Phazon? And isn't that Unobtanium in the top right (Pa)? I can't make out one of the letters.

      I think it's an S, but it could be a B, you're right!

      You're absolutely correct. Nice to see Warpstone in there too!

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