The Tester: Episode 7: 'Killer Recall' Liveblog: Every Doc Has His Day

We're down to the final two episodes of the PlayStation Network's reality show The Tester, in which 11 people fought tooth and nail to land a job as a PlayStation game tester. Today, just four remain. What will happen?

If you're just now hearing about The Tester, it's not an April Fools' joke. Nor is our weekly liveblog of the PSN show, which we take very, very seriously. Also of a serious nature, last week's episode in which the pitiable Doc was rightfully ejected from the contest for being terrible at paintball, despite having Marine Corps training. Clearly the man was not cut out for a job spent playing video games all day.

What will happen in this week's episode? Ninja stuff! Read on for our live coverage.

The Tester 7


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