The Theory Is That Bad Games Don't Sell Millions Any More

"I don't think there's any garbage that's getting advertised on television that people are getting fooled into buying. " - Me on's Bonus Round, theorising that millions of people don't get snookered into buying bad games any more.

Jump to the fifth minute of the latest installment of's Bonus Round for a discussion about whether bad games can sell big. I'm talking alongside host Geoff Keighley, Capcom's Seth Killiam and financial analyst Michael Pachter.

The rest of this is about how games are marketed. It is the first of four weekly chapters. By the final quarter, if I remember how this all went down correctly, Pachter and I getting into some fun disagreements.


    I'm unable to watch the video being at work, but surely there'd still be a heap of bad games selling millions at least due to...
    a) Parents buying whatever games for their kids look like value for their money, or similar to what they've seen (cue the dozens of wii fitness/sports clones)
    b) Licensing, whereby people will buy the game purely due to the kiddy cartoon (or brand, TV show, etc) name, regardless of how crap it is.

    I guess it depends what you call a bad game i mean wii fit is just a little novelty but yet that sold millions, i doubt 1 in 10 people that bought it actually use it regularly though.

    Gears Of War proves that a bad game can sell millions! Zing!!!!!

    I actually quite liked Enter the Matrix lol It was definitely better than Path of Neo. A new Matrix game would kick ass though on the PS3/360. Anyway! Movin on haha

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