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Sam Fisher has been through a lot these past few years. A drastic haircut and change of direction on the development front has seen him go from shambling, dishevelled bum to social networking hipster in the space of one game.

Several years later than planned, Splinter Cell: Conviction is finally here. And, hey, it's pretty damn good. It's not exactly the reinvention we were initially promised - it's still evidently a Splinter Cell game, after all - but there's a palpable sense that its stealth is more deadly, more threatening, and more exciting than of the type seen in earlier games.

It's definitely my recommendation for the week. Will you be picking up anything else?

New releases for the w/c April 12:

DSi XL (DS) What Is It? Bigger, fatter version of Nintendo's DSi handheld. Comes in bronze or burgundy. Should You Care? Nice for those a) with failing eyesight and/or b) who don't value portability in a handheld.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City (PS3, PC) What Is It? The Lost & Damned and the Ballad of Gay Tony on one PS3 or PC compatible disc. Should You Care? It's GTA IV, if GTA IV knew how to have a bit more fun.

Lock On Modern Air Combat Gold + Flaming Cliffs (PC) What Is It? Terrifyingly hardcore flight sim celebrates fact your PC hardware can now run it properly by releasing new expansion pack. Should You Care? For those who wear aviator goggles to bed.

Machinarium Collectors Edition (PC) What Is It? Apparently this slipped yet again! It's turning into a running joke... Should You Care? Yes!

Prison Break: The Conspiracy (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? Third-person stealth-action out the same week as Sam Fisher's latest outing. Oh dear... Should You Care? Escape From Butcher Bay remains videogaming's finest prison break.

Splinter Cell: Conviction (360) What Is It? Third-person stealth-action with a vast array of gadgets doesn't reinvent Sam Fisher as much as expected yet delivers his finest chapter to date. Should You Care? Get it, unless you really hate stealth - in which case, what the hell's wrong with you?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition (PC) What Is It? Repackaging of 2009 PC release of semi-decent Force-powered action-adventure, with some bonus content. Should You Care? Only if you never picked up the original.


    I am SO amped about Splinter Cell Conviction.

    If i don't manage to win a copy it will certainly be going on my birthday wish list. haha

    Still haven't had a chance to look into Machinarium, but I'm tempted to get it just on you're persistent recommendation.

    Is it true that the Conviction campaign is really only 5 hours long? Gosh.

    I hear the single player campaign in Splinter cell conviction is only 5 hours long, is that assuming you just run and gun it?, or if I stealth it up will it be longer?.

    So the new Splinter Cell is actually pretty good?

    Bah, still not touching it due to Ubi's DRM BS on the PC. Even if I had a 360 I still wouldn't even bother with the console version.

    Still on the fence about getting conviction. Might wait a while for more reviews to come out as i have heard the SP is short and i never really get into splinter cell MP.

    Another mention of Machinarium! I'll +1 that recommendation. Nothing has been as exciting for me bar the talent that is Daedalic with Whispered World and Deponia. And people say adventures are dead...

    Not that it matters but i saw Prisonbreak for sale on saturday

    Spewing that the Force Unleashed is only on PC.

    I traded my origional copy on 360 in prep for the Sith Edition... only to have to buy it again when I found out it's not coming out on 360.

      Been waiting for the sith edition myself on 360 - i have a good PC but i heard the game is a real system hog. I think i might import the american version from play asia for 360 because it doesn't have region locking and it is only $50 with postage.

    Machinarium has shipped and should be in EB's this week!

    I still don't see the point behind the DSi XL. There are only two pieces of logic I an see behind it on Nintendo's part:
    1. The Game Boy Advance Micro sucked... Because it was too small! Let's clone our current handheld and make it BIGGER and it will do much better! Because it's bigger! Not smaller!
    2. Lolzorz Wii(c) lik monee

      They know it's still going to sell like hotcakes no matter what happens. Uneducated buyers don't know that the only major updates have been the DS Lite and the DSi, and everything else is mostly cosmetic. That's gotta be their reasoning, they have been on a really good streak with their other products, so it makes sense for them to continue with that business model.

    I like being stealthy but i didn't like the splinter cell demo so im not gettin it

    Some friends who have pirated Splinter Cell in the US (naughty naughty!) said the campaign does indeed seem to be about 5 hours long. That said however, as most reviews will say, it has alternate game modes that should justify a purchase.

    Plus it's Michael Ironside! Greatest voice actor ever!

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