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Something of an odd week, this one. Away from the big budget "blockbusters" we've seen so far this year, here's a chance to check out some interesting left-field releases.

Perhaps this week is the time to look beyond the Gods of War, the Bad Companies, the Final Fantasies and the Mass Effects.

Nier (pictured) and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories are both worth picking up, if you're up for an action-RPG or survival horror adventure, respectively, that try to freshen up an old formula. Even Runaway, Dead to Rights and Way of the Samurai 3 are worth a look.

Sure, they're not as polished as those blockbusters we've all been playing recently, but in their own ways, for the right kind of player, they could provide just as much enjoyment.

Are you willing to take a risk?

New releases for the w/c April 19:

Dead to Rights: Retribution (360, PS3) What Is It? Surprisingly violent third-person shooter sequel starring a tough cop and his dog companion, from the makers of the Reservoir Dogs game. Should You Care? This is distinctly b-grade fare that might possibly be worth a rental.

Nier (360, PS3) What Is It? Action-heavy JRPG from Square Enix that tells a more adult tale than you might expect. Should You Care? Indeed, you play as a dad rather than an angsty teen.

Runaway: A Twist of Fate (DS) What Is It? Point-and-click adventure that will feel very familiar to anyone who's played a Broken Sword game. Should You Care? Not as good as Broken Sword, but genre fans should enjoy it.

Samurai Shodown Sen (360) What Is It? Delayed-by-a-few-weeks release of SNK's mediocre 3D fighting game. Should You Care? Not with Blazblue just out and Super Street Fighter IV coming next week.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii, PS2, PSP) What Is It? Reimagining of the survival horror original that twists the story and replaces combat with running away. Should You Care? A fine addition to the growing Wii library of quirky, adult titles. The PS2 and PSP versions are worth checking out, too.

Way of the Samurai (360, PS3) What Is It? Curious adventure-slash-fighting series that dwells on the minutiae of your life as a ronin warrior. Should You Care? Obscure and plodding, this is the opposite of Onimusha.

Next week, stay tuned for Super Street Fighter IV, the FIFA World Cup tie-in, Iron Man 2, Monster Hunter Tri, Splinter Cell: Conviction on PC and maybe more...


    Shattered Memories has been officially delayed, until further notice :(

      This is incorrect. The PS2 and PSP versions release on Thursday. The Wii version releases on Friday.

    Man, there's titles that are already released and it just keeps piling up.

    I would like to look into Silent Hill: SM, Nier, Dead to Rights: Retribution and Way of the Samurai 3.

    No PC? ):

    Hmm Nier is coming out this week? Thats way earlier than I thought O.o Not sure whether I should get this or not... what do you think Dave?

    Isn't Nier coming out in May for Eu/US versions? and thursday for the Japanese version?

    I'd have picked up Nier if they brought Replicant over here. Sure, a typical whiny teenager is pretty bad, but it's better than a typical brainless macho man that the Japs think we love.

    I imported Silent Hill from the UK a few months ago. It is an amazing game.

    nier looks epic!

    I'd be interested in both Dead To Rights & Neir... but very cautious on both, seeing as I can't find a review of either of them...

    Have you had any time with any of these games David, or is the embargos on these titles...

    Finished Just Cause 2 on the weekend; might just noodle around in Mercenary Mode polishing off some more trophies and picking up the FIFA World Cup game next week. This week's games don't interest me.

    I haven't bought a FIFA game since the PSone days and I love the concept of the DLC scenarios they're planning to put in for downloading during the World Cup.

    I saw Katamari Forever priced at $39.95 at GAME, though, so I might nab that. The only Katamari Damacy game I played was the second one, on PS2, so I figure it will mostly be new to me. Saw a cheap copy of Rock Band: The Beatles too (can't remember where, though) which is also tempting...

    I have Nier as coming out about a month from now from my wholesaler. It sure isn't this week.

      Ubisoft confirmed it with me this morning. It's this week!

    Nier would be a possibility if I didn't already have Final Fantasy XIII sitting there untouched. Not to mention Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean.


    Finished FFXIII so why not bring on Nier, White Knight Chronicles and Resonance of Fate. Which one next though hmmmmm..

      Nier, Resonance of Fate then WKC.

      Nier first cause it's new and fresh, then after you get a feel if it doesn't float your boat just move unto Resonance of Fate, and I reckon don't bother with WKC, apparently its really bad.

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